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Roundhay Park, Leeds | © Chemical Engineer / Wikimedia
Roundhay Park, Leeds | © Chemical Engineer / Wikimedia
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10 Things to Do for New Year's Day 2017 in Leeds

Picture of Emma Lavelle
Updated: 7 December 2017
Whether you’re fighting a horrific hangover or starting the New Year with a clear head, the first day of the year can be tricky to navigate. Many shops, bars and restaurants are closed and it’s tricky to find something to do that isn’t staying indoors binging on Netflix. Here are ten suggestions for how you could spend the 1st of January in Leeds and the surrounding area.
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Wander around Roundhay Park

Why not start out the New Year with a little light exercise and a burst of fresh air? If you’re not keen on embarking on a long hike (see below if you are!), head over to Roundhay Park for a slow and relaxing slow around one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Leeds. Spend your afternoon admiring the garden and follies, walking around the lake and enjoying being outside.

Roundhay Park, Ring Rd Shadwell, Leeds, UK

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Hike on the moors

Roundhay Park a little tame for your New Year resolutions? If you’d rather start off the year with a challenging hike, head out to Ilkley Moor for a long walk that takes in the infamous Cow and Calf rocks as well as plenty of cliffs to scramble up to admire the views. Don’t forget to layer up and bring a thermos of tea to keep yourself warm.

Ilkley Moor Cow and Calf Rocks, Hangingstone Rd, Ilkley, UK

Leeds Welcome Art Trail

The museums and galleries may all be closed, but if you’re looking for culture, Leeds Welcome Art Trail offers free public art to admire every day of the year. Taking in everything from dramatic murals to contemporary sculpture, the trail begins at the train station before leading you through the city, discovering hidden art works that you may previously have walked straight past.

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