Zany Sculptures from Around the World that Are Also Totally Edible

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Updated: 27 October 2017
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Preparing food is an art in and of itself, and these amazing food artists actually turn cheese, chocolate, avocados, candy and more into incredible, edible and sometimes life-size works of art. Here are 11 mega food sculptures that look good enough to eat. Literally.

The Robin Collective

Introducing Brie-oncé! Modeled after Bey’s iconic Instagram post announcing her pregnancy, this delicious piece of art is made entirely of cheese.

Cake Boss

Cake of the ferrris wheel!!

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The TLC series Cake Boss follows baker Buddy Velastro and his team at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey as they create exquisite sculptural cakes that are so beautiful you almost wouldn’t want to cut into them – keyword here, almost.

Prudence Staite

Food artist Prudence Staite can make a sculpture out of practically anything! Highlights include this cheese tractor as well as a life-size, functioning drinks bar made entirely of chocolate.

Paul Wayne Gregory

Another chocolate sculptor, Paul Wayne Gregory’s motto is ‘indulgence is everything.’ Based in East Sussex, UK, he and his team dream up magnificent and delicious creations.

Lily Vanilli

Hand of glory cake lit 🕯🖐 #halloween #baking #lilyvanilli

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East London bakery Lily Vanilli bakes bespoke cakes that are as beautiful as they are tasty.

Simon Smith

Forget the little butter flowers you get in restaurants, chef Simon Smith can sculpt anything out of margarine and butter. Get your bread rolls ready.

Jason Mecier

Tile mosaics across the world have officially been shamed by pop-artist Jason Mecier’s candy versions of this classical art form. Who knew jelly beans could turn into celebrities?

Ray Duey

Chef Ray Duey‘s intricate fruit and vegetable art is definitely one in a melon.

Ray Villafane

You’ll never look at Jack-o-lanterns the same way once you’ve seen a Ray Villafane pumpkin sculpture. He and his team sculpt these ultra realistic creations in Phoenix, Arizona.

Daniele Barresi

Move over avo toast, because avocado art is the new black. Daniele Barresi, an Italian who lives in Sydney, Australia, is the master of these delicious creations.

Carl Warner

Travel to Candyland and beyond with the magical food art of Carl Warner. After creating these foodie fantasy lands with anything from sugary sweets to prosciutto and cheese, he photographs the works so they can stay fresh in our minds forever.

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