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Otherworld | Alex Boultwood / ©  Culture Trip
Otherworld | Alex Boultwood / ©  Culture Trip
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You'll Feel Like You're in Westworld at This Amazing Virtual Reality Arcade

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 10 November 2017
We may not be at a Westworld-level of technology yet but, when it comes to gaming, this virtual reality arcade in London is pretty much as close as it gets. And it’s amazing!

Imagine getting your own personal immersion room kitted out with the latest in VR technology, putting on your headset, grabbing your controls and then, within the blink of an eye, entering an alternate reality.

Otherworld | Alex Boultwood / © Culture Trip

Well that’s what you get at The Dream Corporation’s Otherworld, an innovative gaming pop-up now on in at the Silicon Roundabout in Old Street Underground Station.

From killing zombies to creative painting to furiously slicing fruit like there’s no tomorrow, Otherworld offers a wide variety of VR experiences for every level of gamer, which you can choose to play on your own or in a co-op with friends.

Otherworld | Alex Boultwood / ©  Culture Trip

Best news? Drinks and furry bean bag chairs are available in the lobby. Explore a new world, drink a cocktail and have the best weekend ever. What are you waiting for?

The pop-up is only on until 18th November 2017, so hurry up and organise! You’ll never want to game any other way.

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