This Is How Much Time Brits Spend Moaning About the Weather in a Lifetime

Unsplash © Anjimenon
Unsplash © Anjimenon
All those jokes you’ve heard about British people doing nothing but discussing the weather? It turns out they were true.

A survey has revealed that Brits spend a staggering 10 months of their lives talking about rain, wind and (infrequent) sunshine.

That’s four days and seven hours a year. Two hours a week. 17 minutes a day.

Rain or shine, the Brits just love to complain Shutterstock

Yes, the weather in the UK is variable, but do we honestly need to spend so much chatting about it?

The survey, which was carried out by Tetley Sunshine Tea, also revealed that the British check the weather forecast eight times a week, which, frankly, sounds very stressful.

According to Tetley, the rain makes 14% of people feel frustrated, while 10% feel lethargic when the heavens open.


That said, even when it’s sunny half the nation complains about it being too humid and 46% of people moan about it being too hot.

The poor British weather just can’t catch a break.