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| © St Christopher's Inn 
| © St Christopher's Inn 
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You Can Now Stay in a Capsule Hotel in London

Picture of Alice Johnston
Food Editor
Updated: 16 February 2018
If you’re on a tight budget, travelling can feel out of reach. It’s frustrating to dream of having a fabulous time in iconic cities when you can’t afford to stay there.

Enter the capsule hotel. A series of space age-esque beds stacked one on top of the other, equipped with coloured lights and curtains. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film, but it’s available right here in London.

Created by hostel chain St Christopher’s Inns, the capsule hotel was inspired by similar beds in China, Japan and Singapore.

The capsule hotel is cosy and compact | © St Christopher’s Inn

There are 26 beds, each with mood lighting, free WiFi, charging sockets, and of course a comfortable bed and a curtain.

You can get your beauty rest for only £25 a night in the heart of buzzing London, snug and safe in your own little capsule cocoon.

Sophie Herbert, the marketing manager at St Christopher’s Inns, said: ‘Taking travel to the next level, our homely capsules offer ultimate privacy, yet keeping the social and communal vibe of a hostel.’

They cost £25 a night to stay in | © St Christopher’s Inn

The capsule give you privacy to sleep, change and relax that a hostel rarely provides, meaning you’ll be better rested for your travelling adventures.

Would you sleep in a capsule?