Use This Netflix Hack to Unlock Your Favourite Screen Genres

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© Netflix
Photo of Cassam Looch
Film Editor13 December 2017

With its huge selection, it can be overwhelming at times to find something to watch on Netflix. Well, just in time for Christmas, we’ve found this great way of refining the search process to find just the right thing for you.

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You already get a selection of pre-determined genre filters whenever you log into Netflix and browse through the films and TV shows on offer. These are pretty generic, however, and not really best suited for when you’re after something to fit a particular mood.

The good news is that there is a master list of genres already on the streaming service and it’s not really all that hard to find.

How specific can you get? Well, if ‘Horror Movies’ is just too broad a genre you can instead find a list of ‘Vampire Horror Movies’ or ‘Teen Screams’ listed on Netflix.

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All you have to do is head over to either Netflixcodesme or What’s on Netflix and find the genre you’re after. There will be a code attached to each sub-genre and then you add that number to the end of this URL:

So, for example, with the code for Teen Screams being 52147, you would simply change the URL to:

And boom! All the teen scream movies you could wish for are available to view.

Apparently, there are roughly 20,000 different categories available on Netflix. Yikes. Plenty to keep you busy over the Christmas and New Year period.