Top TRIPS by Culture Trip in the UK

Hit book and see a new side of the United Kingdom that’s older than all of the castles in the land.
Nick Dauk
28 Feb 2022
Everyone remembers their first visit to London, but it’s easy to forget that the United Kingdom is way more than its capital city. Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are four diverse faces of one stunning country. Trade a rail pass for a pair of hiking boots and explore the rugged cliffs, serene swimming holes and lesser-visited parts of the isles that put you face-to-face with unspoiled nature. These are the top TRIPS by Culture Trip showcasing the finest of the UK.
1 . Britain’s Last Frontier: Exploring the Hebridean Isles
You’ve watched the sunrise over the Thames and the sunset in Snowdonia, so now it’s time to discover Britain’s last frontier: the Outer Hebrides. Get off the mainland and get the islands of northwest Scotland on your bucket list. The mystical Isle of Skye and its fantastical Fairy Pools are almost as magical as passing the Glenfinnan Viaduct, featured in the Harry Potter films. Jump on this week-long trip through the Hebridean Isles and get ready to see the sights with Scottish whisky in-hand.
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