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This is Where Queen Elizabeth II Really Shops

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 17 August 2017
In America, there’s Oprah. In the United Kingdom, there’s Queen Elizabeth II. Both women are internationally known influencers, yet only one is actual royalty. As an influencer, Her Majesty holds the title, as well as the crown. Indeed, the relationship between the Crown and British business is vital to the economy of the United Kingdom.

However, beyond business, the Brits, and the world at large, can’t help but be curious about what the British monarch covets. After all, she has the entire kingdom of luxury goods at her disposal, so what she chooses sheds light on her elusive personality. This begs the question, where does Queen Elizabeth II really shop?

© Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock
© Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock

Here’s the deal. It’s not as if the Queen actually goes shopping with her squad like her influencer counterparts. In order for purveyors of goods to be provided to the Crown, aforementioned purveyors must apply for (and be granted) a Royal Warrant. These are granted for up to five years and “only to companies that provide goods or services to the Royal Household,” according to the Royal Warrant Holders Association. So, who made the cut?

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The following 11 suppliers are known favorites of Her Majesty, so if you want to shop like a queen, peruse the list below.

1. Fortnum & Mason…

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A luxury retailer that’s been in business since 1707, Fortnum and Mason provides the Queen with her daily cup of tea. According to the company website, The Royal Blend is “combined Assam from India with Sri Lankan Flowery Pekoe for a smooth, honey-like flavour.”

2. Frank Smythson Ltd…

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The Queen pens her personal notes on luxury stationery from Smythson, which was founded in 1887. The boutique sells diaries, and everything you need to keep proper correspondence. Also find an assortment of handmade leather goods and quills.

3. Anello & Davide…

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The Queen’s pumps are a modest two-inches, and made by Anello & Davide of Kensington, a bespoke shoemaker with a reputation for making beautiful calf-skin heels. Indeed, Her Majesty dutifully cares for these heels: A spokesperson for the company reported to the Daily Mail, “We supply one or two pairs a year and occasionally renew the tops and re-heel them. The Queen doesn’t waste money.”

4. Rachel Trevor-Morgan…

This acclaimed milliner, based in St. James, central London, provides Her Majesty with custom hats. She also made hats for Diana, Princess of Wales.

5. Cornelia James Ltd…

Since 1947, glove maker Cornelia James Ltd. has provided Her Majesty with dozens of pairs of gloves (15 centimeters is her preferred length).

6. Launer London…

According to Launer London’s CEO, Gerald Bodmer, the Queen has been supplied with over 200 of its purses. To say the woman knows the value of a statement accessory is an understatement.

7. Hermés…

The Queen is a fan of Hermés scarves. And who could blame her? The label is synonymous with classic elegance. Vanity Fair has called Her Majesty’s collection of headscarves her most royal accessory.

8. Fulton Umbrellas…

In 1955, Fulton Umbrellas opened its doors to the Royal Palace. Indeed, the Queen matches her outfits to her umbrellas. And who knew Her Majesty has the same taste in umbrellas as Leonardo DiCaprio?

9. Burberry…

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In addition to stylish umbrellas, Her Majesty will wear nothing but Burberry waterproofs when the weather demands.

10. Hunter Boots Ltd…

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Although you might never see a photograph of Her Majesty in wellies, Hunter has been granted a Royal Warrant by the Queen herself, since 1986.

11. John Lewis…

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According to Business Insider, John Lewis on London’s Oxford Street provides Her Majesty with sundries and other haberdashery.

Now that you know where the Queen shops, you decide: does Her Majesty’s taste get a royal thumbs up?

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