This Harry Potter Soundtrack Vinyl Box Set is the Ultimate Christmas Gift

Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
In the 1996 film Jingle All the Way, Arnold Schwarzenegger fights a gang of criminal Santa’s, sets his neighbor’s house on fire, and is embroiled in a bomb package standoff in order to acquire a Turbo-Man action figure, the year’s hottest toy, for his son. While Turbo-Man was a stand-in for Christmas sell-outs of the past like Power Rangers and Cabbage Patch Kids, were that movie produced in 2017 the Christmas gift du jour wouldn’t be a toy, but a vinyl box set.

On Nov. 17, Rhino will release a limited edition picture disc box set featuring the soundtracks from the first five Harry Potter films: 2001’s The Sorcerer’s Stone (John Williams), 2002’s The Chamber of Secrets (John Williams), 2004’s The Prisoner of Azkaban (John Williams), 2005’s The Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle), and 2007’s The Order of the Phoenix (Nicholas Hooper).

Check out a picture of the box set below.

Courtesy of Rhino

Along with original arrangements from the three composers listed above, the box set is also due to include tracks from one of the wizarding world’s most famous outfits, and Harry Potter’s favorite band: The Weird Sisters. Featured in the fourth film adaptation performing during the Yule Ball, the on-screen portrayal of the rock collective included Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey of Pulp, Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead, Jason Buckle of All Seeing I, and Steven Claydon of Add N to (X). Written primarily by Cocker, the box set includes all three songs from the soundtrack: “Do the Hippogriff,” “Magic Works,” and “This Is the Night.”

Originally, Warner Bros. had targeted Franz Ferdinand to portray The Weird Sisters in Goblet of Fire, most likely due to the global success of the Scottish group’s 2004 hit “Take Me Out.”

“We’ve been asked to write some music for [the upcoming ‘Harry Potter’ film],” the band’s singer Alex Kapranos told MTV. “There’s a section where there’s a band of ugly sisters playing and I think, well … some members of Franz Ferdinand may be the ugly sisters in the band.”

Ten LPs in total, each of the soundtrack’s vinyls will feature stills taken from their respective films, and there will be an etching on the last side of the Order of the Phoenix LP.

If vinyl isn’t your thing, but you’re still looking for a gift for your favorite Harry Potter nerd, you could keep things a little simpler with this candle that sorts you into your appropriate Hogwarts house, or you could go big and buy them Harry Potter’s childhood home.

Whether you’re on the fence or all-in on this wand-erful collection, grab some butterbeer ice cream and listen to evolution of Williams’ “Hedwig’s Theme” throughout the films below.