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There's Now a Secret Global Harry Potter Book Club

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 8 May 2017
Attention wizards, witches and muggles of the world! This is not a drill. You can now join an Official Wizarding World Book Club.

Yes, if you’re potty about Hazzy Potts and his lovable crew, you can now relive all the magic by joining a very global book club dedicated to JK Rowling’s legendary series.

So why all the Harry Potter fuss all of a sudden? Well, June marks 20 wonderful years since the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (don’t worry, we feel horrendously old too – we’re off to the Forbidden Forest in search of unicorn blood as you read this #IMMORTALITY) and to celebrate this momentous occasion, the folks at Pottermore are launching a global book club.

This isn’t just for die-hard fans though. The aim of the whole thing is to bring in new readers who have never picked up a copy of the children’s fantasy saga (how dare they). Every time they read a new page, they can discuss it with all the other Potter virgins at the same time.

People who join will read a new book every few months and will have access to all sorts of material that has been exclusively created for the club.

Sad thing is, is that there is no official start date, so keep your owls peeled.

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