The Ultimate Wanderlust for Hikers and Adventurers

Chadar Trek, India | Manish Lakhani, from Wanderlust, © Gestalten 2017
Chadar Trek, India | Manish Lakhani, from Wanderlust, © Gestalten 2017
Exploring the world one step at a time, Wanderlust lives up to its name. From walkers to climbers, and everything in between, this spectacular book excites and invigorates, providing the thirst for the next great outdoor adventure.

Following in the well trodden footsteps of migrating animals or paths of ancient trade routes, the trails featured in Wanderlust showcase the sheer excitement of outdoor exploration, through inviting maps, practical tips, and utterly gorgeous photography.

Western Arthur's Range,vTasmania. Viktor Posnov, from Wanderlust © Gestalten 2017

Suitable for everyone from recreational walkers, right up to modern day adventurers in the search for their next challenge, there is a clear focus on how the landscapes and natural environments connect with the people that inhabit them.

Seductive photography illustrates the journeys up sharp summits, through jagged ravines and across mighty oceans. Wanderlust provides maps and details, richly illustrated so readers can plan for a short exploration around Tibet’s venerated Mount Kailash, step through Utah’s Virgin River or across the dramatic volcanic swathes of terrain that dominate Iceland. Practical tips come from author Cam Honan, a hiking maven who has personally traveled along many of the trails included, offering guidance and enchantment along the way.

Trolltunga, Norway. Sanne Boertien, Herbert Schröer from Wanderlust © Gestalten 2017
El Caminito del Rey, Spain Dorte Fjalland, from Wanderlust © Gestalten 2017
Alta Via 1, Italy Alexander Fuchs, from Wanderlust © Gestalten 2017
Guides, tips and routes © Gestalten 2017
Wadi Rum, Jordan Max Münch, from Wanderlust, © Gestalten 2017
The Great Divide Trail, Canada Stevin Tuchiwsky, from Wanderlust © Gestalten 2017
Centerpoint to Big Bluff, USA Jeff Rose, from Wanderlust © Gestalten 2017



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