The Top 10 Long Haul Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

Farmers back to home with grass for livestock, Nepal
Farmers back to home with grass for livestock, Nepal | © Nepal Photos / Alamy Stock Photo
Photo of Julia Goicochea
9 April 2019

For when a weekend getaway just doesn’t cut it, long haul holidays were made for getting out of your comfort zone and into an adventurous mindset. With far-flung destinations ranging from safari escapes to cosmopolitan countries, your longer-than-average journey pays off. Here are 10 long haul destinations sure to widen your horizons.


An unmissable destination for nature lovers, Malaysia boasts one of the world’s most biologically diverse environments. Housing more than 200 species of mammal and over 2,398 species of tree, Peninsular Malaysia promises visitors an immersive nature experience. As noted by expert Asian travel source Selective Asia, Malaysia’s bustling capital Kuala Lumpur as well as its lively islands, including Pangkor and Langkawi, offer urban entertainment as well. Marrying urban recreation and unadulterated nature, Malaysia offers travelers the best of both worlds.

Beach in Tioman Island, Malaysia | © fabien astre / Alamy Stock Photo

New York City

Drawing visitors from across the globe, New York City is among the world’s top travel destinations. Located on the United States’ East Coast, the city that never sleeps offers round-the-clock entertainment for every appetite. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned tourist, be sure to explore the best the city has to offer. No trip to NYC would be complete without indulging in the delicious food on offer in the city. Make sure to try a signature beef burger, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a Reuben sandwich, which features corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and a Russian dressing layered up between slices of rye bread. Team with a famous Manhattan cocktail for ultimate satisfaction. And it’s not just the food. From the electric energy of Times Square to tranquil Central Park, from world-famous museums to under-the-radar theater, one taste of the Big Apple will have you coming back for more.

New York City skyline with Manhattan Bridge | © lucky-photographer / Alamy Stock Photo


From its rich history of ancient civilizations to its renowned fusion cuisine, Peru is a hub for multicultural attractions. Explore the architectural vestiges of the Incas at Machu Picchu, the festive Peruvian traditions at Cajamarca Carnival, or the varied flavors of Lima’s internationally-influenced gastronomy. To travel to Peru is to travel back through time and across cultures, making this South American country an unbeatable destination for cosmopolitans.

Ruins of Machu Picchu city in the morning, Peru | © Alexander Urdiales Dopazo / Alamy Stock Photo

Costa Rica

Costa Rica invites you to live life at a slower pace, providing balmy temperatures, lush surroundings, and off-the-beaten-path attractions to help you unwind. Home to countryside coffee plantations, ancient archeological sites, and an array of national parks, this Central American country awaits exploration. And if the call to adventure should sound, Costa Rica’s varied terrain allows for white-water rafting, horseback riding, and surfing, to name but a few.

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica | © Kumar Sriskandan / Alamy Stock Photo


There’s more to Brazil than football and beaches; discover the hidden parts of this South American paradise with the help of Glide along the Amazon River in a silent canoe, admire baroque art in Portuguese colonial towns, or enjoy a typical tourist experience with a trip to Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous Copacabana Beach. Whether you choose to take the road less travelled or to add your set of footprints to the sand, there is no wrong way to experience Brazil.

Lguacu Falls in Brazil | © John Michaels / Alamy Stock Photo


Striking a comfortable balance between cultural tradition and trendsetting innovation, Tokyo offers visitors the best of both an old-world atmosphere and a modern metropolis.Visit the capital’s classic Tsukiji Market for a glimpse into daily Japanese life, or explore the creative curiosities of Tokyo’s youth culture at the city’s Harajuku and Shibuya neighborhoods. With its celebrated culinary scene, picturesque green spaces, and abundance of shopping districts, Tokyo is a superb travel option for all-ages entertainment.

Hama Rikyu Japanese gardens, Tokyo | © Trevor Chriss / Alamy Stock Photo


Celebrated for the hospitality of its people, Nepal is an excellent option for travelers interested in experiencing a diverse assortment of cultures. Over 30 different ethnic groups and a wide range of religions and dialects make Nepal a veritable melting pot. Also housing ‘geographic icons,’ such as Mount Everest, the wonders of this South Asian country lie as much in its population as in the place itself.

Shauli Bazaar, Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal | © Andrew Bain / Alamy Stock Photo


In Chile, urban environments and untouched scenes of nature share the land, resulting in near-unlimited entertainment options. The exquisite museums of Santiago and country vineyards of Chile’s flourishing wine scene attract cultured consumers from around the globe, while the country’s sprawling Atacama desert and mystical Easter Island allow for reenergizing communion with the South American landscape. For a holiday that’s as original as you are, choose Chile’s abundance of both natural havens and urban adventure.

Saline Mountains in the Atacama Desert, Andes, Chile | © Laura Facchini / Alamy Stock Photo


Home to bountiful wildlife, picturesque beaches, and rich African culture, Kenya is an ideal destination for outdoor adventure. Located on the eastern coast of Africa, Kenya’s diverse landscape provides a breathtaking backdrop to hiking, snorkeling, and diving. Whether you’re embarking on a safari escape or tasting your way through Kenya’s culinary offerings, this tropical destination is sure to satisfy your appetite for adventure.

African Elephant, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya | © Malcolm Schuyl / Alamy Stock Photo


Strap on a backpack and bust out the map: China’s multitude of world-famous attractions invite you to indulge your inner tourist. Xi’an’s Terracotta Army, Leshan’s Grand Buddha, and the iconic country-wide Great Wall make this East Asian nation a top travel destination. Round out your holiday with a teahouse trip, Li River cruise, and a glimpse of Hong Kong’s celebrated skyline, and find that staying on the beaten path has never felt so good.

The Great Wall of China, Mutianyu, China | © Edwin Remsberg / Alamy Stock Photo

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach break or to explore the urban, or actual, jungle, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect getaway for you. Helping you go to the end of the earth for the holiday you deserve, we remind you to pack a little extra – you’re in this one for the long haul.

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