The Top Art Galleries in Gibraltar

Works at Gibraltar's  Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery; InfoGibraltar/flickr
Works at Gibraltar's Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery; InfoGibraltar/flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
13 September 2017

Gibraltar has a dynamic and varied arts scene, as you’ll find out when you visit its top art galleries. These showcase everything from works by Gibraltarian and international contemporary artists to the beautiful handmade glassware for which the country is famous. Read on for the top art galleries to visit in Gibraltar.

Cavilla Fine Art Gallery

Cavilla displays contemporary painting and sculpture from around the globe and has a particular specialism in Islamic, Indian, Himalayan and South East Asian art. Located towards the southern end of Main Street in the heart of the old town, it has a number of important works by the prestigious Gibraltarian artist Christian Hook – also a teacher in a local girls’ school – who this year was awarded “Freedom of the City of Gibraltar”.

14 Horse Barrack Court, 9 Horse Barrack Lane, Gibraltar, +350 54002648

Gibraltar Art Gallery

Art Gallery
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A painting showcased as part of the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery's Milan Project last year
A painting showcased as part of the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery's Milan Project last year | InfoGibraltar/flickr
The Gibraltar Art Gallery displays and sells works by local artist Jane Langdon, also a singer and songwriter. Langdon’s studio overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and the north coast of Africa, so she is “constantly aware of the beauty that surrounds [her]”, as she says on her website. Langdon’s strikingly colourful works depict scenes from life on the Rock, especially the boats as they pass from the Atlantic into the Mediterranean in between the Pillars of Hercules.

Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery

Named after the influential Gibraltarian artist Gustavo Bacarisas (1873-1971), this gallery is located on the old town’s lively Casemates Square – a great place to stop off for a drink or snack after you’ve taken in some art. It hosts many of the country’s most important exhibitions – such as the Gibraltar Spring Art Exhibition and the Gibraltar International Art Exhibition – and last year showcased the Milan Project, featuring works by local artists with learning disabilities. Formerly called Gibraltar Fine Arts Gallery.

Grand Casemates Square, Gibraltar

Gibraltar Crystal

Gibraltar has long been associated with its beautiful handmade glassware – still made using centuries-old techniques – and at Gibraltar Crystal you can go and admire some particularly fine pieces. All the glasses, vases and bowls you see on display here are made on-site by the three master glassblowers, who you can watch at work (free of charge) in their workshop opposite the exhibition space. A fascinating insight into a local speciality.

Grand Casemates Square, Gibraltar

Exquisite locally-made glassware is on display the Gibraltar Crystal; sabinevanerp/pixabay

John Mackintosh Hall Exhibitions

The John Mackintosh Hall is Gibraltar’s principal multi-purpose cultural space. It takes its name from the 20th century Gibraltarian philanthropist John Mackintosh (1865-1940), who left provisions in his will for a building that would bring Gibraltar and the UK closer together through cultural activity. It also houses a library, lecture room and a theatre and in total holds over 100 different events a year, including exhibitions by local and international artists.

325 Main Street, Gibraltar


Though it opened in 1992 originally with the intention of being only a coffee shop, Sacarello’s is now also visited for its collection of local and international artwork. It all began when the owners started hosting exhibitions by local artists in the cafe, as a result of which they would often buy pieces for themselves and display them for customers. Foreign travel – in particular to Peru – developed their tastes and now artworks from around the world can be contemplated as you enjoy a cup of coffee.

57 Irish Town, Gibraltar, +350 200 70625

Modern as well as classical art and sculpture is on display in Gibraltar’s art galleries; Barni1/pixabay

Gibraltar Exhibitions of Modern Art

Opened in 2015 in the refurbished Montagu Bastion, this stylishly-organised collection displays works by the winners of Gibraltar’s three most prestigious art competitions – the Young Art Competition, International Arts Competition and the Spring Arts Competition. Displayed on the cool, exposed stone of this historic building (thought to have been built by the Moors), their vivacious colours and bold styles leap out at you as you wander around. An exciting new addition to Gibraltar’s arts scene.

4 Devil’s Tongue, Gibraltar