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A family at the dining table
A family at the dining table
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The Secret Life Of A Dining Table: Food, Homework And 'Bombshell' Revelations

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 28 September 2016
As you sit down for dinner, or to catch up on work, spare a thought for the humble dining room table. New research reveals the average British dinner table will endure over 2,400 family meals, 100 roast dinners, 10 Christmas lunches, 132 arguments and 93 ‘bombshell’ revelations.

A new study into the eating habits and routines of 2,000 people pinpointed the heart of British meal times to reveal the buzz of activity our tables witness over the years. The typical British dining table endures 1995 drink spills, 1160 food stains and plays host to 594 homework sessions.


And it’s not just the kids working either: the research, which was commissioned by Italian pasta brand Giovanni Rana, shows the average UK adult will also complete an incredible 1,890 hours of admin or work on their dining table over their lifetime.

Friends eating at the table

Friends eating at the table

As for food, the results showed that when sitting down to their evening meal British people cover five different topics of conversation with film and TV the most common topic, followed by general gossip then politics. On average, Brits sit down to their dinner at 18.24pm and take just 10 minutes to clear their plate. While for a special meal or dinner parties, Brits stay at the table for one hour and 40 minutes on average.

An argument around the dining table

An argument around the dining table

More than half of those polled said they enjoyed more conversation, and found out more about their loved ones and how their day was at the table than at any other time. Perhaps that’s why nearly a quarter of people polled said the dinner table is the heart of their home.

The average dinner table – per table life (10.18 years)

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