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The Funniest Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 24 March 2017
Fashion has its fair share of mavericks, and these Instagrammers have nailed the art of making fun of a beloved industry (while also demonstrating an expert knowledge of the genre). Because this multi-billion dollar industry is serious business, but it’s important to remember that fashion has a playful side, too.

Every Outfit on SATC

The genius behind the Every Outfit on SATC Instagram is unparalleled and the premise is simple: mock (sometimes affectionately) every outfit on Sex and the City, while also providing major #tbt moments.

Angelica Hicks

Illustrator Angelica Hicks has slowly built a cult following with pun-filled illustrations that perfectly capture the absurdity and fun of the fashion industry.


Siduations takes moments of high fashion and superimposes them into everyday life. From the classroom to McDonalds, there’s nowhere that high fashion can’t reach.

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Moodboard Zine

Not strictly a fashion Instagram account per se, nor as much funny as it is surreal, Moodboard Zine’s Instagram account is awash with weird and wonderful images from the fashion world.


This Feminist zine has a badass attitude and the driest of humours, a combination that ensures ample well-captioned memes, strange fashion moments and the recurring use of #newlabia.

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Man Repeller

Are Man Repeller the funniest people in fashion? They might be. What started as a blog run by Leandra Medine has evolved into a full-blown influential operation which means they now get to do things like make Matt Damon jokes during a Chanel show.

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Offering a healthy dose of logo-mania, the avanope Instagram takes brand love to a whole new – and highly enjoyable – level.

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Tilda Lindstam

Swedish model Tilda Lindstam was one of the first to make use of social media and celebrate that models were more than just a pretty face. Though she’s walked for the likes of Dior, you’re more likely to see her nailing situational word play than taking a serious selfie.

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Felix Gesnouin

Male model Felix Gesnouin has excellent Photoshop game, which he uses to superimpose his face into strange environments, such as the metro.

Crispino 21

Another Instagram account with a dexterous use of Photoshop, Crispino 21 is devoted to putting Anna Wintour in strange situations or doing basic things like making her hold a banana as a phone. Classic.

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