The Best Record Shops in Birmingham, England

The Diskery, Birmingham | ©
The Diskery, Birmingham | ©
Little do people know that Birmingham technically invented heavy metal and is one of the pioneering cities for genres ranging from reggae to bhangra! For when you want to pick up something new – or one of your favourites that’s missing from your collection – here are the best record shops in Birmingham.

Swordfish Records

Proudly independent and standing strong since 1979, Swordfish is one of the best places to pick up new and old music in Birmingham. Now in a new location on Dalton Street, you could easily spend hours in this place perusing their collection of music and memorabilia which spans across a multitude of genres and decades.

66 Dalton St, Birmingham, UK

Swordfish Records, Birmingham

Swordfish Records, Birmingham | ©

The Diskery

Shop, Store
The Diskery, Birmingham
The Diskery, Birmingham | ©
One of our personal favourite shops in the country, The Diskery is a real treasure trove. Famous for their customer service (don’t be surprised if you’re offered a cup of tea and a biscuit when you pop in), The Diskery is not only the city’s oldest record shop, but also England’s, and mostly stocks second-hand vinyl across practically every genre you could think of.
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