The Best Independent Breweries in Cornwall

Beer | @ Masaaki Komori/Flickr
Beer | @ Masaaki Komori/Flickr
There’s no doubt that the Cornish love beer, and there is no finer way to spend a sunny afternoon than in a beer garden overlooking the sea with a pint of the good stuff. Even better if that pint has been brewed in county. There are more independent breweries in Cornwall than you can shake a stick at, but here are the finest of a very fine bunch.

Rebel Brewing Co.

The Rebel Brewing Co., based in Penryn, is a small but mighty independent brewery with a range of super tasty beers. Whether you’re into light IPAs or fancy yourself a chocolate stout for a cosy winter bevvie, there’s a deep and complicated taste for everyone.

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Dynamite Valley Brewing Co.

Dynamite Valley Brewing started as a recipe experimentation in a porter cabin in the middle of nowhere. The result was some super fine tasting beers, and the brewers, Dom Lilly and Ross Kessell, started a Crowdfunder campaign to expand upon these flavours and to move into a purpose-built building between Truro and Falmouth. Thanks to donations from all over the world, Dynamite is now one of the most successful indy breweries in Cornwall. Saturdays are the main event here, when they open their Beer Cafe for afternoons of Cornish Real Ales paired with some really good food.

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Black Flag Brewery

Black Flag does things a little different to most in that they do everything by hand. From the bottling to the mashing, everything is done with love. All of their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, as they believe it’s pointless to spend time putting flavour into beer just to take it back out. They frequently have one-off and seasonal beers in addition to their core batches, so keep an eye on the site for saisons, bitters and stouts.

Harbour Brewing Company

Harbour isn’t just a brewery, it’s a way of life. Just outside of Padstow, these brewers take the whole process of brewing very seriously, indeed, but that includes spending the afternoon surfing if the swell is good or taking a break from “the grind” to skate the in-house ramp. They believe that life should be good, and this comes through in every single one of their beers.

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Wheal Maiden Brewery

Now, the stuff that comes out of Wheal Maiden ain’t exactly beer, but this fiery ginger beer still deserves a special mention. Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer will knock your socks off and then some. Drink on a cold winter day to warm yourself from the inside out.

Blue Anchor

It’s not an article about breweries in Cornwall without a mention of the Blue Anchor in Helston, for here is the home of Spingo ale. Spingo comes in three strengths, but all will render you legless if you’re not careful. It’s an acquired taste with a killer hangover if you go too far. Remember, if you find yourself Spingo’d, you have been warned.

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