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© Stella McCartney
© Stella McCartney
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Stella McCartney Is On a Mission to Make People Care For (and About) Their Clothes

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 21 April 2017
Ahead of Earth Day on April 22nd, Stella McCartney has launched a Clevercare series, designed to educate consumers on how to look after their clothes.

Famed for her anti-fur, anti-leather stance, the designer has long championed an ethical approach to fashion, one that marries a conscious approach to production with beautiful design. This new initiative sees the designer taking the next step towards cultivating a more sustainable community within the industry. As the brand notes on their website, increasing the average life of a piece of clothing by just three months would lead to a 5 to 10% reduction in each of the carbon, water and waste footprints. Adopted on a global scale, such simple adjustments would have an extremely effective impact.

© Stella McCartney
© Stella McCartney

The advert has everything from tricks for caring for wool and denim, to tips on mending buttons. The campaign encourages customers to stay away from tumble dryers, and to wash one’s clothes on lower temperatures. According to the website, an estimated 350,000 tonnes of used clothing go into landfills in the UK every year. Re-using and repairing, rather than throwing items away, is the only way to slow down the detrimental effects of careless waste.

As with everything Stella McCartney touches the series is executed with style, as well as humour. Being sustainable has never seemed so chic.