Science Says Fried Food Could Save the Planet

© Brian Chan / Unsplash
© Brian Chan / Unsplash
Photo of India Irving
Social Media Editor24 November 2017

Skip the side salad and order those fries because sometimes it’s important to sacrifice a bit of yourself for the greater good.

In what is possibly the best news ever, researchers at the University of Reading in the UK have discovered that the fatty acids released into the air from deep frying may contribute to the formation of the types of clouds that help cool the global climate.

Deep fried prawns | © SpartacksCompatriot/WikiCommons

The study’s purpose is to get more clarity on the precise impact aerosols have on world temperatures so that the proper regulations can be put into place.

Although the scientists are not hopeful that the use of cooking fats alone will reduce the global warming issue, it is abundantly clear that the fatty acid molecules escaping into the air are at the very least not bad for the environment, and could possibly be helpful to reverse heating patterns even if in a small way.

Sunflower | © Fir0002/WikiCommons

Research has shown that the molecules that become airborne from the cooking turn into 3D droplets, which then form the cooling clouds. So next time you’re diving into that fried chicken sandwich, remember you may be doing a good deed for the world as opposed to just satisfying your taste buds.

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