Pixie Lott Wants To Be A Judge on The Voice

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Updated: 1 December 2017
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She’s had so much fun working on The Voice Kids that Pixie Lott is now after a job on the adult version of the TV show.

The singer acted as one of the coaches alongside and Danny Jones on The Voice Kids earlier this year.

Pixie revealed to Culture Trip she was open to appearing on the adult version of the ITV reality talent contest.

She said: ‘The Voice Kids was amazing to be a part of! Working with the kids was my favourite part because they were so gifted and really inspired me. They also reminded me of my youth and when I had to do auditions that were very similar.

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‘Working on the adult version would be very fun also because you get the variety of working with more mature voices and material but the kids excite me because they are so good at such a young age and have their whole future ahead of them! I am a big fan of both shows.’

If she did land a job of The Voice, she would be working with again.

She said: ‘He definitely knows how to have fun and the kids love him! He is super talented and creative and he teaches you to think outside the box and teaches the kids to embrace their uniqueness.’

The star has previously spoken about releasing a single with her two co-judges but claimed nothing was in the pipeline yet.

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‘I’ve only ever said it would be fun to do but we haven’t worked on anything or even got into the studio together yet!’

Pixie is currently promoting Shell’s new #makethefuture campaign, which aims to highlight the company’s clean energy projects in Brazil, China, the US, Kenya and India.

Lott has teamed up with Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Brazilian singer Luan Santana, Indian actress Monali Thakur and Nigerian star Yemi Alade to cover Imagine Dragons’ ‘On Top of the World’.

‘Access to clean energy is needed all over the world, so it’s important that music artists from different countries come together to spread the word for this meaningful message, through the universal language of music,’ she said.

The singer has played gigs all over the world and revealed that her favourite city for live music is Rio de Janeiro.

Talking about her experience performing in the Santa Marta favela last year, she said: ‘The backdrop was beautiful, with Christ the Redeemer nearby. I was so welcomed by both fans and the local residents, who obviously being Brazilian, are a fun-loving bunch who really enjoy and appreciate music. I even did an impromptu acoustic set on the beach for the fans. It was incredible!’

She’s currently back in the studio working on her next album, a follow-up to 2014’s Pixie Lott. Pixie promised fans it would have ‘soul, emotion and fun’ and revealed she was keen to play Glastonbury one day.

She said: ‘One hundred percent – [it’s] an artist’s dream!’

The star is also busy organising her wedding to fiancé Oliver Cheshire, who she has been engaged to since 2016 – and she’s got big plans.

‘I want to have the wedding in the English countryside and then a really small one just for family somewhere hot – maybe Capri.’

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