Netflix, Work and Travel With the New HP ENVY x2

HP ENVY x2 | © HP
Photo of Cassam Looch
Film Editor17 May 2018

It might be the last thing on your mind, but ‘work’ is still an unavoidable requirement for most of us when on holiday. We check out the new tablet PC from HP to see if it has all the necessary functionality when operating away from your desk.

The HP ENVY x2 in action | © HP

For a product like this to truly stand up to the rigours of heavy processing and travel, it has to have a few of the basics covered. That’s not always as easy as you might think: even the latest tablets from various companies fall short in these categories. There are some fine looking machines out there, and the latest version of the ENVY, with its sleek design, is one of the best.

The side addition of a stylus might seem like overkill, and for some users it probably is, but the fact that we get an extra way of manipulating the screen means that we essentially have a mouse as well as the touchpad and touchscreen. Every conceivable method of user interaction is catered for, including the keyboard.

For any lengthy note taking or assignment writing, a keyboard is a must. If there is a downside here, it comes from the fact that portability has been maintained by keeping the folding case as light as possible. As a result, you might find it a little on the flimsy side if you need to do any intense work, but we’re in the realms of the ‘angry email bashing’ when we talk about intense. For everyday use, the keyboard makes it stand out from its competitors.

HP ENVY x2 | © HP

Operating off the Windows 10 S system, the HP ENVY x2 has safety in mind. This is something that is becoming even more prevalent in PC circles, so the limitations of downloadable apps is a fair trade-off for the elimination of rogue software finding its way onto your tablet.

Connectivity on the go is no problem either. The slot for any regular data Sim card means that one can get online with ease when out of range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. We tried getting online from various locations when we travelled with the ENVY x2 and were able to get online and file copy everywhere we went. The portable folio case does edge the device towards a laptop in design, but the general attention to keeping you moving without hassle gives the feeling of a high-end tablet. The 20-hour battery life, while streaming video no less, is outstanding.

And watch video you will. Be it YouTube clips or HD movies on Netflix, you will find yourself leaving the ENVY x2 running all day and into the evening. Streaming services, in particular Netflix, operate in a smooth manner. That’s not all that surprising given that everyone’s favourite video service is one of the ever-expanding number of apps available via the Microsoft Store, but it’s still a superior experience. The screen is built for handling the bumps and rigours of travel, but it still offers a great viewing angle in any lighting conditions.

We watched movies on the beach, in bed and on the plane, and not a single moment was missed on the ENVY x2.

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