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Netflix Library Available to Europe, but Brexit Brits Will Probably Miss Out
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Netflix Library Available to Europe, but Brexit Brits Will Probably Miss Out

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 28 February 2017

A recent European Union ruling will see Netflix users across the continent gain access to virtually the full library of content on the streaming service. No more searching in vain for your favourite films and TV shows… unless you live in a post-Brexit UK, that is. 

The new law, essentially aimed at tackling excessive roaming charges when travelling, will have the additional benefit of allowing all Netflix users to unlock content that would previously be denied to them.

For example, Netflix UK users would be able to stream the likes of West Wing, the American version of The Office and Friends.


The new law will mean European residents will be able to access content from other countries. Currently, Netflix detects which country you are logging in from and adjusts the available content accordingly. If you’ve ever taken you iPad abroad and found yourself cramming in as many hours of films and TV instead of, you know, holidaying, then this could well be the news you’ve been waiting for.

Sadly, British residents will probably miss out on the bonanza thanks to last year’s Brexit vote. Opting out of European Laws might mean bendier bananas in shops, but it will also mean fewer options on your screens.