Millennials Are Picking Holiday Destinations Based on How Instagrammable They Are

Leading by the hand photos are a popular trope among Instagrammers | © Pexels
Leading by the hand photos are a popular trope among Instagrammers | © Pexels
Photo of Alex Jordan
Travel Expert21 April 2017

A new report reveals that two-fifths (40.1%) of British millennials are motivated to choose a holiday destination based on how ‘Instagrammable’ it is.

The survey of over 1,000 British people aged 18–35, published by Schofields Insurance, also found that the cost and availability of alcohol (24%), chances for personal development (22.6%) and to experience local cuisine (9.4%) were the main criteria millennials look for when deciding where to book next.

Millennials are using their holidays as cultural capital via social media | © Pexels

Destinations including the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore with its famous rooftop infinity pool and London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood which is covered in street art are just two that owe their growing popularity to social media. Instagram, which counts 600 million active users (statistics from December 2016) has become an important way for millennials to cultivate their personal brand, reflected by the places they choose to go and share with the online world.

A recent report on millennial travel behaviour by Expedia concluded that: ‘As the first “digitally-native” generation, millennials are highly active social media users. Sharing – and perhaps flaunting – is an integral part of the holiday experience.’ It found that 56% of millennials admitted to having posted a photo or video of their holiday while away, versus 32% of non-millennials.

Millennials like to go off the beaten track in search of new experiences | © Pexels

The factors motivating millennial decisions are increasingly varied. According to a 2016 survey by, more than half (55%) of young Britons said they would pick their next holiday destination based on Pokemon Go, the fastest growing mobile game in history which sends people to real-world locations to find virtual creatures.

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