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Make These Cute Yarn Hearts for Valentine’s Day in 4 Easy Steps

Picture of Charlotte Luxford
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 1 February 2017
Want to make something unique for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Check out our series of three Valentine’s DIY crafts.

What you need:

– yarn (any colour you like)

– string/ribbon

– cardboard

– scissors

– clear tape

– pencil


1. Draw a heart shape onto your piece of cardboard and cut out.

2. Create a loop for hanging it up out of your string or ribbon and secure with tape.

3. Secure the end of the yarn with tape and then start wrapping it around the shape until you get a chunky heart.

4. When you’re done, cut the yarn, tie a knot, tuck it in and you’re done!

Liked this craft? Watch our videos on how to create your own lovely handmade gift wrap or make your own Valentine’s card.

Valentine's Day DIY yarn hearts2