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Little Girl Asks For Queen's Swans, Queen Writes Epic Response

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Social Content Editor
Updated: 7 September 2017
A feel-good story for a change…

Cats, dogs and ponies are so last year according to Lyndsay Simpson – a little five year old girl who hails from Petersfield, England. Why? Well, she wants a swan, and no ordinary swan at that: she wants one of the Queen’s swans. As in the actual Queen Elizabeth II.

As soon as Lyndsay found out that the Queen owns all of the swans in the UK (she actually doesn’t own all of them, just the unmarked mute ones), she penned a very personal letter to Her Majesty asking if she could have one all to herself.

According to Travel + Leisure, a family friend who goes by the name of Nick Robbins (very English) told the Petersfield Post:

‘One day she just asked if we could get a pet swan. I asked her where we would keep it, and she said “in the bath.” I said that the Queen owns all the swans in England so she decided to write to the Queen.’

Swans of the River Thames
Swans of the River Thames | © InnaVar / Shutterstock

Most never dream of getting a response from the Queen, but to everyone’s surprise, Buckingham Palace actually wrote back to her.

Carol Bax, Lyndsay’s grandmother, said:

‘It was really sweet – it’s absolutely amazing that they took the time and trouble to write to a little girl of five. She was ecstatic. It was just charming. What it’s meant to that little girl – it will stay with her forever.’

So, what did the letter actually say?

‘The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter … from which Her Majesty has taken careful note of your comments regarding the keeping of swans as pets. I should perhaps explain that it is a common misconception that the Queen owns all the swans in the United Kingdom. In fact, Her Majesty only owns mute swans and only exercises her right of ownership over swans on certain parts of the River Thames.’

The Queen even enclosed a little booklet on swan upping so that Lyndsay could learn more about the little fluffy beasts.

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