Let Your Mind Roam Free With Our Travel-Inspired Colouring Pages

Let Your Mind Roam Free With Our Travel-Inspired Colouring Pages
Pass the markers and pick up your pencils – now that more of us are staying indoors, let’s get creative with our free time and start colouring with these exclusive designs.

Creative pursuits never fail to put boredom at bay, offering hours of fun and escapism. Just ask the experts: adult colouring books enjoyed a massive surge from 2015, and studies around that time found that the activity did wonders to reduce stress levels and encourage relaxation. So if you’re looking for ways to ease your mind while your travel plans are on hold, check out our first set of fun colouring pages for kids and adults of all ages. Designed by our in-house illustrator Sam Peet, these intricate outlines are inspired by the sights and sounds of some of our favourite cities and countries around the world.

Click on the captions below to download and save. Happy colouring!

Want more travel inspiration to draw on? Look out for our second batch of colouring pages coming soon!