Inventor Creates Wacky Gadgets for Better Cinema Viewing

Audience watching Despicable Me 3 | © Vue/Praxima
Audience watching Despicable Me 3 | © Vue/Praxima
Photo of Cassam Looch
Film Editor29 June 2017

Taking inspiration from the crazy creations of Gru, the former-villain-turned-hero of the Despicable Me franchise, self-professed ‘ imagination explorer’ Dominic Wilcox has let his creativity run wild and come up with these incredible inventions.

Dominic Wilcox | © Praxima

The fun inventions are designed to improve your average trip to the cinema, but would they actually work in the real world? Let’s take a closer look…

Emergency Hands

Emergency Hands | © Praxima/Vue

One for non-horror fans, this would save the old hiding behind a scarf or lifting up a box of popcorn trick that we’ve experienced all too often on recent trips to cinema. One possible improvement could be if someone was to watch the film in advance, highlight the scary bits coming up and program the seat to automatically launch the hands over your eyes. Save you the trouble of having to press a button!

One downside would be some smarty pants messing around with the settings and turning the helpful gadget into a slapping device. If you’re sat next to someone with Emergency Hands enabled, make sure you move if they start giggling uncontrollably after messing around with the invention.

Munch Muffler

Munch Muffler | © Praxima/Vue

An obvious annoyance for everyone is the classic noisy eater. We’ve all been sat next to someone who hasn’t learned how to close their mouth and chew yet. Well, worry no more as the Munch Muffler will silence those irritants once and for all.

This device shouldn’t just be available in cinemas. It should be rolled out to restaurants, trains, and even dining tables at home.

Popcorn Slider

Popcorn Slider | © Praxima/Vue

As we always tell our little ones that sharing is caring. It’s a mantra that often gets left at the entrance of every cinema as the grabby hands desperate for popcorn seem to come out of nowhere. Nobody wants someone reaching over them to get their mitts in your snack. Even if you agree to share, if there’s a group of you it all gets very complicated. What is the etiquette if you reach over and someone already has their hand in there? Do we need to set up a rota?

Never fear, the Popcorn Slider will save the day. This gadget actually seems particularly helpful. Gru would certainly approve.

Despicable Me 3 is in cinemas from June 30.

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