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How To Make A Car In A Jar Christmas Snow Globe

Picture of Charlotte Luxford
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 2 January 2017
As part of Culture Trip’s DIY Christmas craft video series, learn how to make your own ‘Car in a Jar’ snow globe by following the simple steps in the video.

This simple craft will make the perfect addition to your festive interior and is a fun thing to make with the kids over the holidays. Watch the video for the tutorial of how to make it.


What you’ll need:


Glue gun or super glue

Toy car

Model tree


Polystyrene shape

Pine cones (for decoration)

Mason jar


Distilled water + tsp baby oil



1. Glue the lid base to the rim and set aside to dry

2. Craft your polystyrene shape to fit in the base of the jar

3. Take your twine and tie the tree to the top of the car

4. Stick the polystyrene snow to the lid

5. Stick the car to the base of the snow

6. Pour a teaspoon of glitter into the jar

7. Fill up with the water almost to the top and stir

8. Screw on the top

9. Shake and enjoy!


Alternatively, if you don’t want to fill yours with water, follow the steps but instead of putting liquid in it you can fill your jar half way up with fake snow and simply place the car on top as below. Put a ribbon around the lid and tie on decorative bells for a finishing touch.


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