How To Create A Beautiful Indoor Garden This Winter

Terrariums by Nkuku
Terrariums by Nkuku
Photo of Charlotte Luxford
Architecture & Design Editor2 April 2017

Just because Jack Frost is on his way, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being surrounded by fresh plants and flowers. There’s a real trend for indoor plants right now, from tiny terrariums to hanging planters, as more of us are looking for creative ways to bring nature into the home. Combine our ideas below to create a lush indoor retreat away from the cold.

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Designer Abigail Ahern has some key tips for introducing greenery into the home during the winter months:

– “A single large statement piece such as fern plants, a banana tree or tall cacti will instantly elevate any space to new heights.”

– “More is more when it comes to indoor greenery. Not only do faux plants immediately spruce up a room, they are a fab way of creating your own indoor oasis – perfect for gardenless urbanites.”

– “Nothing ups texture like plants. Mix feathery fronds with glossy shining leaves, big fat succulent heads with trailing strings of pearls.”

– “Don’t overlook foliage. I use ferm fronds, succulent or branches a lot – they brighten even the smallest nook or shelf.”

Here are our 10 top ideas for putting this advice into practice:

1 Make mini terrariums

Terrarium Starter Kit, £19.99 from The Oak Room

2 Install a beautiful living wall

Rockett St George Faux Vertical Living Wall, £299

3 Buy some modern hanging planters

Hanging ceramic plant pots from Mia Fleur, £14.95 each

4 Fake it with stylish faux flora

Abigail Ahern's faux hellebore from Rose & Grey

5 Bring your outdoor furniture inside

Indoor/outdoor hanging chair, £350, Cox & Cox

6 Add texture with trailing plants

Buy a trailing plant and put it on a high shelf so it creates a curtain of greenery | Courtesy of H and G Designs

7 Create a DIY trellis wall

DIY wood and leather trellis plant wall – read the step-by-step guide of how to make it here | Courtesy of Vintage Revivals

8 Recreate an outdoor scene

Green leaves wall mural, £30 per sqm, Mr Perswall

9 Build a courtyard sanctuary

Minale and Mann created this internal courtyard within a London home | Courtesy of Minale and Mann

10 Accessorize existing objects with plants

A vintage bird cage has been filled with ferns and fairy lights – the Star Light Spray lights cost £45 from Rockett St George