How To Be An Amazing Host This Christmas Without A Guest Room

Urbanara A/W bedroom collection
Urbanara A/W bedroom collection
The festive season is chaotic enough as it is, without having to host guests in a small apartment with no spare bedroom. But fear not – follow this handy guide to transform your living room into a cosy boutique-style bedroom space for friends and family over the holidays.


Sweet dreams

If you can, it’s wise to invest in a futon or a daybed. This one is a no-brainer, as it can double up as a sofa during the day. However, if you don’t want to splash the cash, or you’ve already got a sofa you love, a fold-up mattress that doubles as a footstool is a smart idea, or a quality airbed that can be stashed away is a good option.


The Loaf Two Pack daybed

The Loaf Two Pack daybed; the top half lifts off to sit next to the bottom half to become a sturdy and generous guest bed, £875


Futon sofa

The affordable DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon comes with handy built-in storage drawers, $159.99



Get a room

Do what you can to provide maximum privacy for everyone – it may even be the case that you’re in a studio apartment where space is already stretched. If this is the case, doing a little DIY and putting up a rail to cordon off a corner to create your own private bedroom area could be a good idea. Ikea sells these for £32.


Vidga room divider, £32, Ikea

Vidga room divider, £32, Ikea


Hide away

Storage is king in a small apartment that will get crowded pretty quickly over the festive season. Smart storage solutions will be a great help, especially multifunctional furniture if you’re tight on space. This clever coffee table has room hidden beneath the lid for guests to tidy away some of their things, plus it also acts as a desk or table, which is great if you don’t have a formal dining table.


Enida Natural Light Brown Wood Lift Top Storage Coffee Table, $169.99

Enida natural light brown wood coffee table with lift-top storage, $169.99


Also consider where guests are going to unpack their clothes as you’re not going to have a conventional wardrobe or chest of drawers for them to stow away their belongings. Instead, a stylish ladder or rail such as this one below takes up little space, and can also be used in the bathroom instead for towels when your guests have left. Another idea is collapsable storage boxes that can sit on a bookshelf or tucked underneath furniture out of the way.


UMBRA Hub ladder in White/Natural, £80

UMBRA Hub ladder in White/Natural, £80



The devil’s in the detail

It’s often the small touches that will make a big difference. Think about what you’d like to get in a hotel and try to replicate that experience to make your guests more comfortable. A simple water jug and glasses, extra bathroom supplies and a fresh, fluffy guest robe will go a long way.



Supreme robe, £59, Christy

Giving a guest their own robe makes them feel more at home and helps to maintain privacy; Supreme robe, £59, Christy


Go boutique chic

Making a living area into a guest room can be tricky, but think of the few things that make a bedroom convenient and cosy — a lamp next to the sleeping area, a place to plug in smartphones and laptops, and a set of extra pillows, towels, and quilts close to hand.


Intelligent Design ID91-524 Nadia six-piece cotton jacquard towel set, $49.34

Give guests their own set of towels; Intelligent Design ID91-524 Nadia six-piece cotton jacquard towel set, $49.34


H&M Patterned duvet set, £29.99

Adding cosy touches, including fresh linen and extra blankets will make guests feel welcome; H&M Patterned duvet set, £29.99


Even if you don’t spend much, it’s the simple, thoughtful details that will turn your living room into a homely space for guests and ensure that you’re the perfect host this holiday season.