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Flower Fellow: a New Musical Blossom
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Flower Fellow: a New Musical Blossom

Picture of Joséphine Gambade
Updated: 12 December 2015
In 2015, the new musician that is Flower Fellow is making her entrance on the London music scene with her debut album ‘The Rabbit EP’. The refreshing sound of this girl who sounds like she could have been from Zeppelin’s time might very well be the youngest revelation of this year.

Flower Fellow Press Shot  | © Flower Fellow
Flower Fellow Press Shot | © Flower Fellow

Flower Fellow – a well-fitting name for the youthful lady behind it. With flowers in her hair and stars in her eyes, the 17-year-old indie/alternative songstress just made her entry on the 16th of February into the English music scene with the release of her debut single ‘White and Blue’ on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. This four-minute-long track serves as a taste of the upcoming ‘The Rabbit EP’ album, set to come out in May via Circus City Records. The singer has been getting a lot of attention from the general public, but also from music reviews, such as VPME, which selected it as track of the day and applauded it as an “accomplished debut from (the) young lady”.

The girl is Coletta Oliver, an indie musician who wears red roses in her long hair and wide white flannel shirts. She grew up in a town on the outskirts of London, and remained the oddball until she moved to the Big City. “I’ve always stuck out like a sore thumb,” she explains in her press release. “It wasn’t until I started Art College in London that I found a place where I belonged, where people read books that weren’t just the ones in their exams and people had their own copies of Jimi Hendrix, not just their parents’ old hand-me-downs.” She began writing and recording at the age of 12, but grew up in a very musical background, and therefore describes her entry into the music scene as only following the natural course of her heart. From indie influences on her mother’s side and classic rock on her father’s side, she stands more in the middle and draws inspiration from late 60s/early 70s music such as the Doors, Hendrix, and George Harrison, as well as Stevie Nicks, and the more contemporary Florence and the Machine.

Flower Fellow wrote her debut track, ‘White and Blue’, when she was only 15, in the hope of creating a dense, orchestral sound touching upon the white and blue aspects of her life and this is precisely what she achieves. Her voice has an impressive range, allowing her to go into different intensities. Unlike many singers nowadays, she also displays an incredible technique and a sense of control over her voice. Prioritising quality, the track shows a great sense of musicality and composition. The frequent jumps of the melody from minor to major chords are supported by the orchestral sound of the chords that builds up throughout the song. This orchestral sound also spurs in a very theatrical sense, intense emotions that are both passionate and genuine. From the xylophonic introduction, to the purity and assurance of her voice, to the dramatically emotional composition, listeners are reminded of the debut album of Florence and the Machine, ‘Lungs’ – class, sincerity, purity, and the entry into a land of dreams and rabbits.

At only 17, the artist has produced a track which equals, if not surpasses, songwriters twice her age – in the quality of its music as well as that of its lyrics. Impressive in scope, rich in quirkiness, she might very well be the upcoming artist of the indie scene, painting the world she sings to in white and blue.

By Josephine Gambade