Exclusive Interview – Bryan Cranston on 'Wakefield' and Being a Real Sneaky Pete

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Film Editor
Updated: 2 August 2017
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Wakefield is the new drama starring Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston. We caught up with the actor on his recent visit to London to find out more about the film.

Cranston stars as Howard Wakefield, a man who finds himself compelled to hide away in an attic as his family fear the worst. As Wakefield observes the goings on in his family home from afar, he begins to question everything about his life.

Cranston told us that he approached projects like this without judgement on the characters he plays, something he has done throughout his career.

We also spoke about the impact of Breaking Bad, the award-winning series that saw Cranston play the morally complex Walter White. We also found out the real inspiration behind Sneaky Pete, a character styled on the actor himself.

Wakefield is out now on download, digital platforms and DVD.

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