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© Odeon/IMAX VR
© Odeon/IMAX VR
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Europe’s First IMAX VR Experience Opens in Manchester

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 24 November 2017

As cinemas search for new ways of bringing back customers through their doors, IMAX, in association with ODEON, hope that the latest version of Virtual Reality technology will be the answer. We test out IMAX VR to see if the hype is justified. 

Eagle Flight - multiplayer

Eagle Flight | © IMAX VR

For many, VR still represents a fledgling technology that failed to deliver a decade or so ago. The virtual worlds we remember, formed of basic polygons and rudimentary graphics, rarely worked, with cumbersome headsets and dull games. Having disappeared for a number of years since, the latest incarnation of VR is a world away from what you might have seen before, but will it ever catch on as a viable entertainment format?

Having launched their first VR ‘pods’ in Los Angeles earlier this year, IMAX have expanded this format into thre