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Danny MacAskill's 'Wee Day Out' Is The Best Way To See Scotland
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Danny MacAskill's 'Wee Day Out' Is The Best Way To See Scotland

Picture of Luke Bradshaw
Sports Editor
Updated: 23 November 2016
Danny MacAskill’s new short film, Wee Day Out, is the latest in an extraordinary collection of videos that showcase the Scot’s outrageous skill on a bike.

Wee Day Out follows MacAskill around rural Scotland, just outside Edinburgh, to pay homage to riding in the countryside. Admittedly, the casual rides most of us partake tend not to feature riding on rolling hay bales, over a cottage roof and through a six foot deep puddle.

MacAskill has picked up quite the following; it’s not uncommon for his exploits to be viewed by 10+ million people on YouTube. His 2009 breakthrough video Inspired Bicycles has been seen 37 million times, and his following has grown significantly since. Favouring 5-7 minute edits, each film features complex choreography that has been painstakingly mapped out across ludicrous environments.

The success of his videos has meant he’s been able to give up his job as a bike mechanic and ride his bike full time, even being nominated for the Laureus Action Sportsperson of the Year. And while listing his achievements is one thing, MacAskill’s ability on a bike needs to be seen.

Think riding rooftops in Gran Canaria, oversized childhood toys or the abandoned ruins of a flooded ghost town. Everything is a potential course to be tackled, we just haven’t realized it yet. Lucky for us, however, MacAskill has. We offer up some of his most incredible runs.

The time he was shrunk in a child’s playroom.

The time he rode an entire town’s rooftops.

The time he brought a ghost town back to life.