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Ian Fordham / Twitter
Ian Fordham / Twitter
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'Daily Mail Free Zones' Are Popping Up All Around The UK

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 30 March 2017
Us Brits do love a good sign, especially those that keep us in our place.

They keep us well-mannered, efficient and stop us from doing anything naughty on our rush hour commutes – thank goodness for well-to-do Britannia!

Luckily for us, those ghastly train carriages we gasp for air in every day carry some of the most useful signage on the planet: don’t sit here, don’t stand there and now, Daily Mail Free Zones (thank heavens!).

The funny signs read:

“Please allow consideration for fellow passengers by not reading or leaving copies of the Daily Mail newspaper in this coach.”

If you don’t believe us, just take a quick look at the hilarious tweets below!

See, we told you we weren’t lying!

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