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© Maria Molinero / Unsplash
© Maria Molinero / Unsplash
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British Couple Takes Public Transport All the Way from Oxford to Hong Kong

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 29 November 2017
If you think your morning commute to work is long, try travelling from Oxford to Hong Kong all on public transport!

Phil and Emma Whiting did exactly that! As shared with BBC 5 Radio Live, the British couple spent three weeks journeying 12,000 miles on 16 different public railways to get from the UK to Hong Kong where they visited their son for his 30th birthday. Talk about layovers!

Their first train was from their home in Oxford to London. From there they took the Eurostar to Cologne, and then trains from Cologne to Berlin, Berlin to Warsaw, Warsaw to Moscow via Belarus, Moscow to Yakutsk in Siberia, Yakutsk to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia and then on to Beijing where they boarded their final train to Hong Kong.

‘Emma was brilliant,’ her husband Phil explained lovingly. He went on to add that his wife spent a year organising the ins and outs of the trip, which required the couple to arrange four visas.

Although a ‘huge undertaking’, the couple agree that the journey was ultimately ‘great fun’. They didn’t have any scary or uncomfortable experiences along the way, although they did admit the grumpiest guards they encountered were those on the border of China.

The most incredible aspect of their trip? Every single train ran exactly on time.