British Airways Passengers Hit by Delays After Second Computer Crash

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Updated: 3 August 2017
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British Airways’ woes continued yesterday after the second computer crash in three months caused widespread delays to passengers embarking on their summer holidays.

Thousands were left queuing for up to three hours at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, with disgruntled passengers describing check-in as ‘absolute carnage’.

The check-in systems failure occurred around the same time as British holidaymakers faced four-hour delays at passport control on arrival due to immigration checks.

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BA has apologised for delays to departures for European destinations such as Athens, Malta, Malaga and Dubrovnik, saying: ‘Staff are working flat out.’

Passengers voiced their disapproval on Twitter after being charged for food and drinks despite the long waits. Most airlines operate retrospective compensation policies, and services such as DoNotPay can help people calculate their recompense.

This is the second time British Airways’ systems have crashed, with delays over the spring bank holiday expected to cost the company £100m in compensation.

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Beleaguered CEO Alex Cruz has faced a backlash since his appointment in April 2016. Cruz, formerly of Spanish airline Vueling, has been blamed for falling standards at BA as the airline re-positions itself as a budget carrier.

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