Annoying Stereotypes Girls With Short Hair Are Sick of Hearing

Let's Go © Ariel Lustre/Unsplash
Let's Go © Ariel Lustre/Unsplash
Photo of Kaz Bosali
7 June 2017

Women showcasing a new hairstyle can sometimes mark a fresh start in their life, and when Emma Watson donned a pixie cut, it marked her transition as Hermione from ‘Harry Potter’ to Emma Watson, actress and UN Goodwill ambassador. Beyoncé was the centre of attention in every fashion magazine when she showed off her new short haircut on Instagram. However, not all women who decide they want to rock the short hair look are met with the same response. Here are some of the stereotypes women with short hair have to deal with.

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Short hair, don’t care

People automatically assume that you regret your new haircut and will offer comforting words such as ‘it’ll grow back’, not taking a moment to consider that you actually might like it.

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People can still sometimes assume you’re a tomboy because short hair has long been associated with men and long hair with women. More and more often, though, we’ve seen these gender-exclusive associations challenged. Remember the man bun? And the pixie cut trend donned by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway? Times are changing.

I whip my hair back and forth

People will express their worry that you can’t really experiment with styles like you would if you had long hair. They’ll ask ‘What if you wanted a ponytail?’ and even ‘So how will you straighten it?’ Ultimately just embrace the length of hair you have at present – you have a different set of options available.

Short hair | © Janko Ferlic/ Unsplash

Poor girl’s going through heartbreak

People will assume that you dared to chop your hair off because you’re trying to deal with heartbreak. Chances are, you most likely didn’t do it for a guy, but for yourself.

Time keeping expectations

When you have short hair, people seem less forgiving when you take long to get ready, not bearing in mind you still need to change your outfit several times, apply, remove and reapply your make up… and perhaps take a few selfies.

Short hair | ©Eunice Lituañass/Unsplash

You’re so brave!

People will praise you for being brave. Maybe you are…for having to deal with all these annoying stereotypes!

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