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Amazon Announces Its First Literary Award for Kindle Authors

Picture of Michael Barron
Books and Digest Editor
Updated: 10 April 2017
Amazon just launched a literary award for writers who self-publish on its Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Self-publishing just got a lot more lucrative.

If you looking to self-publish a work of 5,000 or more, written in the English language on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing between February 20th and May 19th of this year, you may be eligible for Amazon’s inaugural Kindle Storyteller Award.

“Readers will play a significant role in the competition, stated a press release, with the award shortlist compiled based on a number of factors that measure customer interest in the titles, followed by an esteemed panel of judges — made up of both Amazon experts and literary authorities — selecting the Kindle Storyteller 2017 winner.”

The winner will be honored in London and will be the beneficiary of a £20,000 ($25,000) and a significant marketing campaign on Amazon’s UK site. The work can be from any genre written in the English language.

The press release did not state whether or not this prize was limited to UK citizens only.