5 Drinking Games Every British Student Can Master

© Dean Hochman/Flickr
© Dean Hochman/Flickr
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18 May 2017

If we’re honest, what’s a pre-drinking session without the craziness a booze game brings? They turn a random group of people in the same room into friends getting to know each other better, while doing hilarious and wild tasks.

Here is a list of drinking games every British student can and should master:


Coming to university, I was a novice when it came to drinking games and needed a little help. If this is you, then the app ‘Picolo’ is your saviour. To play, all you need to do is add every player’s name and the app generates questions/instructions for everyone, making the logistics little effort for you, but fun!

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To play, you only need two things – a hat (preferably the pirate or sailor variety) and alcohol. The hat is given to one person randomly at the beginning of the game, and this person becomes captain. Whenever anyone gets the hat, they have to say ‘Aye aye captain!’, then choose somebody in the group and give them a dare. If they complete their task they then become captain and everyone in the group has to have a shot. If someone refuses to do their dare, they are automatically out of the game. Each dare has to get more wild as they go on, leaving one person eventually left in the game and crowned captain.

Beer pong

Beer pong is a classic that you just cannot go wrong with. Making a triangle formation on opposite side of a table consisting of plastic cups filled with beer, the aim is for players on both teams (consisting of two or more people) to land a ping pong ball into a cup. If one team successfully does this, the opposing side has to choose a member of their group to down the beer in that cup. It is a fun game that involves skill, and becomes very competitive and funny.

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Ring of fire

This game is legendary and everyone should learn how to play it.

To play, spread a deck of cards face down around a pint glass in the middle of a table, and each player has to pull a random card from the deck when it is their turn. Every card means a different thing:

  • Ace – WaterfallThe person whose card it was has to start drinking, and everyone else joins in and only stops when the person before them does.
  • 2 – For you – Choose somebody to drink a two-finger measurement of their drink.
  • 3 – For me – You have to drink a three-finger measurement of your own drink.
  • 4 – Thumb master – You have to put your thumb on the table, and the last person to notice and copy you has to drink.
  • 5 – Guys – All the males playing have to drink.
  • 6 – Chicks – All the females playing have to drink.
  • 7 – Heaven – Everybody has to point to heaven, and the last person to do so has to drink.
  • 8 – Drink with a mate – Choose somebody who has to drink every time you do.
  • 9 – Bust a rhyme – You have to say a word, and the person to your left has to say one that rhymes. Whoever cannot think of a rhyming word has to drink.
  • 10 – Categories – This card works in the same way as Bust a rhyme, but instead you have to choose a category. For example, different alcohol spirits. The first person who takes a while to think of their answer has to drink.
  • Jack – Rule card – You can make a rule for your group, for example, everyone has to drink every time the word ‘drink’ is mentioned.
  • Queen – Question master – You can ask anyone in the group one question whenever you want, and if they refuse to answer then they have to drink.
  • King – King cup – You have to pour some of your drink into the pint glass in the middle. Whoever pulls out the last king card has to drink whats in the pint glass, and it normally looks pretty vile towards the end of the game…

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All you need to do for this game is split your group into two (usually by gender) and play the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police. Every time you hear the name “Roxanne” being sung, one group has to drink, while the other has to drink every time they hear “put on a red light”. It sounds simple and maybe boring, but you’d be surprised how many times the lyrics are repeated!

It is also important to remember that if drinking games make you feel uncomfortable, you do not need to take part in them. If you would prefer to watch your friends playing drinking games whilst sipping an nonalcoholic drink, or even sit in your bedroom with a nice cup of tea watching Game of Thrones then that is totally cool, too!

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