30 Day Fashion Challenge

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip
© Remy Millar / Culture Trip
Photo of Remy Millar
21 April 2017

Have you ever heard of a fashion challenge? They’re tasks that bloggers, fashionistas, or anyone sick and tired of their wardrobe can use to stretch new limits, try new trends, and make old items look new again. Culture Trip has come up with 30 ways to get out of that style rut without spending a tuppence.

© Culture Trip / Alex Picerne

1. A day without a colour you always wear

For most of us it will be dark neutrals. Remember that tie-dye t-shirt you bought during your hippy phase? It’s begging for an outing.

2. Wear a bright colour combo

Who says primary colours can’t go together? And that age-old fashion rule of avoiding navy and black, or black and brown? It’s an old wives tale. Try it out, we dare you; with pink, red, orange and blue making a major comeback this year, there’s never been a better time.

3. Mix at least two textures into your look

Chiffon and corduroy; gauze and denim; cheesecloth and leather. You have to be brave to bold.

4. Go big or go home

Supersize that coat, go baggy with that t-shirt or go extra loose with your dad’s trousers (you could even keep hold them up with one of his belts). Extreme proportions are avant garde, and chic.

5. Try an androgynous look

Unisex fashion is certainly en vogue, so why not channel traditionally masculine tailoring or adopt an über romantic style.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

6. Swap out your handbag

How long have you been dragging around that fits-everything crossbody? Give that clutch you bought for special occasions the day out (and night) that it deserves.

7. Wear the outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion

Why save your best outfit for special occasions that come around rarely? If you’ve spent a lot of money on it, it will be built to last, so put this theory to the test and bring that fancy party dress into your regular wardrobe rotation.

8. Max out on jewellery

Sometimes more is more. Pile on the rings, clash those metals and become a sartorial magpie.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

9. Break out an item you haven’t worn in at least six months

Investigate the back of your wardrobe, or go through your drawers and find that sweater that hasn’t had a look in, since it’s been stuck at the bottom of your chest of drawers for months.

10. Wear that hat you claim ‘you can’t pull off’

There is no such thing as someone who doesn’t have a hat head. There is a hat for everyone, it’s just about attitude. If you believe you can pull it off, then the world will believe you can too!

11. Get Crafty

Make like a Pinterest princess and get the glue gun out. Find old badges, ribbons, patches, pipe cleaners, or anything you can get your hands on, and jazz up those tired jeans.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

12. Clash bold prints

Who says stars and strips were the only combination? We believe in leopard and tartan, spots and paisley, florals and houndstooth. See how crazy you can get.

13. Swap heels for sneakers

You won’t necessarily end up looking like Lily Allen circa 2006. Enjoy the dichotomy of a casual shoe with something that would usually be formal wear: a tailored suit, a smart shirt, or a even a ball gown, because YOLO.

14. Make a neutral outfit interesting by adding a pair of statement shoes

Jazz up that safe ensemble with a bright orange shoe or one covered in sparkles.

15. Create a look with three levels of layering

Chiffon on chiffon on chiffon? How about three shirts, creating a modern day ruff with three collars?

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

16. Embrace extreme colour blocking

Whether it’s head to toe Pepto-Bismol pink, or sun glinting silver, commit to one colour and go hard.

17. Winterize your favourite outfit

For those springtime cold snaps, try out your favourite summer dress with a fine knit turtleneck underneath, or your strappy sandals with thick socks and tights.

18. Undearwear as outwear

With slip dresses enjoying a 90s revival, they’re an easy way to feel a little more risqué in the daytime. You could even be so bold as to wear a bralette over a smart shirt – a trend that has enjoyed a significant resurgence on the catwalks.

19. Wear denim on denim

You can’t hear ‘double denim’ without a hives-inducing visual of Justin Timberlake’s 2001 American Music Awards red carpet appearance. If you’re experiencing PTSD, try different shades of denim, like white jeans with a blue denim jacket. We will also support you if you attempt a Canadian tuxedo.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

20. Dress down your little black dress

Why save such a versatile piece for just evening? Pair it with a vintage denim jacket, or some beaten up Converses and take your dress out for a day on the town.

21. Belt your outerwear

Belts shouldn’t have to be just for the loops in your trousers. While there is still a chill in the air, give this this oft hidden accessory a chance to shine, whether it be on a pea, a puffer or parker.

22. Layer in an unexpected way

Try a collared shirt under a dress, or a skirt over jeans. That particular image might bring back nightmares from the nineties, but it’s been a simmering trend since Emma Watson wore a Fall 2012 Dior number on the red carpet for the premiere of The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

23. Dress up a pair of distressed jeans.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of high/low juxtapositions, try ragged old denim and a sharp heel or patent sandal.

24. Let your coat do the talking

When the winter months have you swaddled in thick fabric you can barely move in, it’s nice to have one that stands out from the sea of navy, black and grey. Rummage around a second hand shop, or search your own wardrobe or your family or friends’s wardrobes and find something a little more out there. That coat that has been gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe, or is being chewed to death by moths would love a second outing.

25. Incorporate an office-appropriate blouse into your weekend look

Take those buttons down a little lower, flash some lace from a bra, or tie up those shirt tails a la Baby (One More Time).

26. Animal prints

Beyond leopard print, try channelling other members of the animal kingdom; from the savannah’s zebra, giraffe, to jungle tiger, and reptilian crocodile and lizard.

Disclaimer: We suggest you channel their print, not their actual skins.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

27. A day without your sartorial crutch

Do you rely on all-black outfits? How many days in a row have your been wearing those trainers? And come to think of it, those jeans could probably do with a day in the laundry. Whatever it is you wear on repeat, make sure not to select it when you’re picking out your outfit today.

28. Ugly shoes

Thanks to Christopher Kane, crocs are back in. While you might not have a pair of these in your wardrobe, channel the famous Scottish designer with the ugliest shoes you can find.

© Remy Millar / Culture Trip

29. Wear light-coloured trousers

The fashion pack’s favourite street-style obsession is the white trouser; it looks chic and effortless in any style. Put on your lightest pair of trousers, team with a crisp shirt or statement sleeves and you have a seriously stylish combination.

30. Wear your coat Vetements-style

The cool kids are saying adieu to straight forward ways of buttoning up a coat. Inspired by Vetements, the new way to wear your jacket is split across the shoulders – do whatever doesn’t feel natural.

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