21 Things Only Brits Would Do (According To A Canadian)

21 Things Only Brits Would Do (According To A Canadian)
From top to bottom Britain is beautiful, filled with a diverse range of people, places, histories, languages, and cultures. Some, things, though, are shared by all Brits. Here’s our take on the 21 things only a true Brit would do – as told by a Canadian.
J. M. W. Turner, ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’

1. Declare that a torrential downpour constitutes a lovely day for a walk.

2. Be anti-Royalist but think the Duchess of Cambridge is the definition of human perfection anyways.

Lindisfarne Castle © Matthew Hunt/WikiCommons

3. Visit historical castles and cathedrals like having them on your doorstep is the most natural thing in the world.

4. Be fiercely loyal to your local pub, even if it’s not actually the oldest one in London/the Midlands/the North.

Jean-Etienne Liotard, ‘Still Life: Tea Set’ 

5. End a friendship upon discovering that the friend in question puts the milk in first, and leaves the tea bag in…

6. Being Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish, and getting enraged when people say they love your English accent.

© David Monniaux/WikiCommons 

7. Know the best places to get the perfect pint – London’s overpriced pubs aren’t the only places to unwind!

8. You’ve never been to Stonehenge, despite it being a national treasure and one of the most-visited archaeological and tourist sites in the world.

9. Queue – your life may not depend on it, but the moral fibre of this nation does!

10. Respect the glorious sanctity of Pancake Day, regardless of your love/hatred/antipathy towards religion.

© Janine/WikiCommons 

11. Care more about Eurovision than about your uni exams you should probably be revising for.

12. Ask if others can ‘believe the weather’, like it’s religious practice (though talking about it practically is!).

© Lena Vasiljeva/Flickr 

13. Know that making someone a hot cup of tea is the perfect response to good news, bad news, and even no news at all.

14. Being able to pick out a tourist purely by which side of an escalator they are standing on.

© Chronus/WikiCommons 

15. Know that London, while fabulous, is by no means the only place to see amazing palaces, galleries, art, architecture, or history – from Land’s End to John O’Groats, this country is brimming with culture.

16. Become sickeningly excited at the thought of free wifi coming to trains, even if you’re only on it for an hour.

17. Despair at the thought of Scotland leaving the union, despite having never been there.

18. Go to the pub for a quick pint, and find yourself still there a week later – ready to start all over again!

Nando’s © Shovan Sargunam/WikiCommons

19. Grab a cheeky Nando’s before dinner.

20. Understand how Nando’s can be ‘cheeky’ in the first place.

21. Feel lucky that, despite being small in size, Britain is full of endless awe-inspiring landscapes, scenery, history, culture, and people.

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