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Photo by Silvia Olsen/REX/Shutterstock
Photo by Silvia Olsen/REX/Shutterstock
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21 Summer Jeans You Need to Own Now

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 29 June 2017
Tired of your jeans? Culture Trip brings you the best denim styles to wear this summer. We guarantee you’ll find these styles hard to resist, so go on, give in to temptation and embrace an instant style update.

High-waisted denim

If you’re looking for one wardrobe refresh this summer, embrace a high-waisted and wide-leg style of denim. There’s no easier way to shake up silhouettes and give a heightened sense of glamour to staple outfits. Pair sheer, floral shirts with lighter denim for a real summer vibe, or simply tuck in an off-the-shoulder top for a fashionable finish.

Eve Denim ‘Charlotte’ high rise jeans, £346 | Eve Denim Charlotte high-rise jeans, £346

Alexa Chung exposed-button kick-flares, £230 | Alexa Chung exposed-button jeans, £230

Marni high-waist, cropped-leg jeans, £350 | Marni high waist, wide leg cropped jeans, £350

Rachel Comey Legion jeans, £325 | Rachel Comey Legion jeans, £325

Masscob, frayed-hem, cropped-waist trousers, £185 | Masscob frayed-hem jeans, £185

Weekday Ami Peralta Blue jeans, £40

Weekday Ami blue jeans, £40
Weekday Ami blue jeans, £40 | Weekday Ami blue jeans, £40

Rachel Comey Legion white jeans, £320 | Rachel Comey Legion jeans in white, £320

Cropped flares

Everyone loves a cropped flare, for there’s no easier way to show off your statement sandals. Let this signature do the work in your outfit, and give your ankles the attention they deserve.

MiH ‘Lou’ jeans, £225 | MiH ‘Lou’ cropped jeans, £225

APC sailor style, wide-leg jeans, £165 | APC Sailor wide-leg cropped jeans, £165

Isabel Marant Parsley kick-flare jean, £315 | Isabel Marant Parsley kick flare, £315

Aries ‘Indy denim’ jeans, £224 | Aries Arise ‘Indy’ jeans, £224

Eve Denim kick-flare jean, £330 | Eve Denim jean kick-flare cropped jeans, £330

Slim-fit summer denim

Keep it simple this summer with slim-fit denim styles. Pair with an oversized t-shirt for a casual look, or add statement wedges and a pastel blazer for chic summer style.

The Great, ‘the fellow’ striped cotton jeans, £298 | The Great ‘Fellow’ striped jeans, £298

Weekday ‘Seattle Great Black’ jeans, £40 | Weekday Seattle jeans, £40

Stella McCartney star-print jeans, £360 | Stella McCartney star-print jeans, £360

Aries skinny jeans in black, £203 | Aries skinny jeans in black, £203

Kings of Indigo ‘Kimberley’ twisted cropped jeans, £130 | Kings of Indigo ‘Kimberley’ twisted cropped denim, £130

Distressed and patched denim

Have fun with your denim and embrace a DIY approach. Whether you covet extra embellishment or prefer a shredded look, anything goes.

Aries embroidered ‘Lilly’ jeans, £250 | Aries embroidered ‘Lilly’ jeans, £250

Marques’Almeida patchwork denim, £500 | Marques’Almeida patchwork denim, £500

House of Holland appliqué jeans, £140 | House of Holland appliqué jeans, £140

RAEY max asymmetric hem wide-leg jeans, £140