12 Springtime Cocktails To Make With Rosé

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21 April 2017

Rosé is the harbinger of the warm weather. The blossom-coloured wine is delicious and inexpensive, and is versatile enough to be an ingredient in a plethora of cocktails. We have rounded up the best cocktails that use the pink stuff in their recipes.

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1. Sangria in the Pink

What could be better than a jug full of alcohol than a jug full of pink alcohol? For a lighter take on the Spanish punch, fill a pitcher full of a fruity rosé, and lemonade, with a dash of orange juice, and a shot of brandy and orange liqueur. Garnish with orange and lemon slices.

2. Daiquirosé

A twist on the daiquiri with one extra ingredient. Chances are you can already guess it with its ever so clever ship name. Make it as you would a daiquiri – white rum, lime juice and simple syrup – and top up with rosé. Simple and delicious.

3. Rojito

Instead of the rum that usually makes up a mojito, replace it with the pink wine, and add the rest of the ingredients as usual: lime, sugar, mint leaves, crushed ice and club soda.

4. Rosie Gimlet

The description in the 1953 Raymond Chandler novel The Long Goodbye stated that ‘a real gimlet is half gin and half Rosé’s lime juice’. This version requires rosé as the main ingredient, and gin and lime cordial as the supporting act. Add a thin strip of lime zest to garnish.

6. Frosé

Take a look at its name and see if you can work out what this drink consists of. Yup, it’s like a pink wine slush puppy. Freeze your rosé (decant into a plastic container to avoid broken glass), then blitz. For extra depth of flavour, mix with lemon juice and sugar, or with vermouth and strawberries for fluffy pink goodness.

7. Kir Blush

A take on the white wine kir, this French cocktail is made with a measure of creme de cassis, and topped up with rosé.

8. Rosenade

Like a grown up pink lemonade, this cocktail its all about rosé’s happy marriage with the citrus fruit. Mix your rosé with a shot of vodka and lime cordial. Shake up with ripped basil leaves and top with club soda and a wedge of lemon.

9. West Coast Sunset

For a sweet cocktail with the beauty of a Californian sunset, add syrup from a tiny of strawberries, a desert spoon of mango sorbet, and a squeeze of orange juice to some ripe and fruity rosé.

10. Pink Glow

Named for the warming properties of whiskey (probably) the Pink Glow a simple cocktail of three ingredients: rosé, bourbon, and orange juice and that warm and fuzzy feeling will be all yours. Garnish with an orange wedge if you’re feeling fancy.

11. Sparkling raspberry and rosé caipirinha

One to really intensify that blossom tone. In a large pitcher, combine a bottle of rosé, a cup of strawberry vodka, and some fresh strawberries. Refrigerate for between 2 and 6 hours, and add lemon-lime soda just before serving, with more fresh strawberries.

11. Rose and rosé bourbon cocktail

It would be wrong to have a list of rosé cocktails without a nod to an identical word save for the acute accent. In this cocktail, the flavours of the whiskey and citrus are reminiscent of a comforting Old Fashioned, while the sparkling water lightens it up. Add bourbon whiskey, rosé, a teaspoon of rose syrup, 2 tablespoons of fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling water to taste.

12. Metropolitan

Unlike its Cosmopolitan sister, this cocktail replaces the Cointreau for rosé. Add fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and vodka citron, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a city with large population and employment opportunities.

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