11 Times Dogs Absolutely Slayed It in Music Videos

Alex Mellon & Alex Hellebaut / © Culture Trip
Alex Mellon & Alex Hellebaut / © Culture Trip
Photo of Ann Lee
Music Editor15 February 2018

As any sane person knows, dogs improve any situation by 1,000%. So it makes sense that when a singer wants you to like their song, they may add a pooch or two into their music video.

To mark Chinese New Year on February 16, which celebrates the Year of the Dog, we’ve been watching music videos featuring canine cameos to round up the very best.

OK Go – ‘White Knuckles’

If there was a gold standard for dogs starring in music videos, then ‘White Knuckles’ would be it.

Filmed in one single shot (yes, really), US indie band OK Go manage to choreograph an intricate routine with some rescue pups, a load of IKEA furniture and even a goat that is, quite frankly, awe-inspiring.

Harry Styles – ‘Kiwi’

Harry Styles may have gone solo, but he’s not alone in this video, having replaced his One Direction bandmates with adorable puppies and a horde of surly children, who kick off an epic food fight with a big pile of cake.

If you don’t melt instantly when you first see him carrying in a Labrador puppy, then you’re obviously made of stone.

Mayer Hawthorne – ‘Her Favourite Song’

Dogs working the bar, dogs playing in a band, dogs flirting with women… dogs are everywhere in Mayer Hawthorne’s video for ‘Her Favourite Song’.

Wherever this bar for pups is, we want in.

J Cole – ‘Wet Dreamz’

The raunchy lyrics to J Cole’s ‘Wet Dreamz’ will leave you hot and bothered, while the video will have you cooing affectionately.

Doggies! Falling in love! And then getting it on! Did the rapper just trick us into watching puppy porn?

Fall Out Boy – ‘The Take Over, the Breaks Over’

Someone give the superhero dog in Fall Out Boy’s ‘The Take Over, the Breaks Over’ video his own blockbuster movie, please.

Faced with a bunch of angry fans accusing the band of selling out, he talks them down with some philosophical truth bombs.

Swedish House Mafia – ‘Save the World’

However, that pooch has nothing on this gang of crime-fighting dogs in Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Save the World’ video.

Car theft, robbery… there’s nothing these canines can’t foil.

PUP – ‘Sleep in Heat’

Don’t watch this if you’re feeling emotional.

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard collaborates with Canadian band PUP, standing in for the band’s frontman Stefan Babcock, as he hits the road with his trusty canine buddy following him around. Until tragedy strikes.

We did warn you.

Snoop Dogg – ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name?)’

The Doggfather’s first-ever single ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name?)’ was a huge hit. The video features the rapper and his crew morphing into dogs as they run around wreaking havoc. Bad doggies.

Kurupt, Daz Dillinger, and Warren G also make cameos in the clip.

Weezer – ‘Island in the Sun’

Directed by Spike Jonze, this Weezer video features a variety of wild animals, but our favourite bit has to be the scene where a gang of golden retriever puppies play next to some baby monkeys.


Pet Shop Boys – ‘Suburbia’

British duo Pet Shop Boys’s video for ‘Suburbia’ is suitably naff for an 80s production.

The pair are seen chilling out with pooches on a coach with some cheesy canine visuals thrown in too.

Baha Men – ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’

Obviously, this had to be on the list. Bahamian group Baha Men’s single was a monster hit worldwide and even made it onto the soundtrack of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

The video is a spoof of TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and stars a group of dogs escaping from a police station.