100 Songs to Get You Through a Broken Heart

Alex Mellon / © Culture Trip
Alex Mellon / © Culture Trip
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Music Editor15 February 2018

You’ve been dumped. He’s cheated. She won’t talk to you anymore. Whatever it is, you’re crushed and your heart feels like it’s being pummelled by a meat tenderiser 24/7.

You want an expiry date for your pain but getting over a broken heart takes time. An infuriatingly indefinite amount of time. There are things that can help it on its way: booze, rebound sex, ice cream, sobbing into your pillow at 3am in the morning, Googling ‘how to get an ex back’.

But most of these have repercussions for that bruised heart of yours.

Alex Mellon / | © Culture Trip

Except for music. Music is that friend who’s always got your back no matter what mood you’re in. It’s been with you at your worst.

That’s why we’ve put together a playlist of songs to help you through a your heartbreak.

There are songs to help you stew in the fug of your own misery and songs that will hopefully give you a glimpse of a happier ending, when the person who hurt you is just a distant memory.

Hit play and let it soothe all your troubles away.