10 Up-And-Coming Contemporary Photographers From Liverpool

Portrait by Matt Thomas
Portrait by Matt Thomas
Photo of Richard Franks
Freelance Travel & Music Writer20 December 2017

For a great portrait, an artist needs a physical understanding of the subject, as well as control of technicalities such as light, depth and framing. Photography is no different, capturing a snippet in time in an original, enigmatic way. Check out these incredible photographers from Liverpool who deserve recognition.

Pete Carr

Photographer Pete Carr lives and breathes Liverpool – its people, its places and its events. This passion helps encapsulate Liverpool’s staggering, towering architecture – whether it be a glittering city skyline or a multi-dimensional portrait of modern builds.

Fireworks in Liverpool | © mostlyliverpool.com

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas’ portrait work shows Liverpool locals in their natural habitat – his portraits look comfortable, yet revealing as we are welcomed into this new environment. Even though the background is just as important to the narrative, the focal point of these images is always the portrait and their story to tell.

Portraits by Matt Thomas
Portrait by Matt Thomas

Mark McNulty

Mark Mcnulty’s portraits are vivid and animated – capturing each bright colour to create whimsical, innocent and almost child-like images. His Rocketships and Windmills series, created and published in 2005, is a prime example of this as Crazy Golf courses are transformed into pop art pieces.

Rocketships & Windmills: Start | © Mark McNulty Photography

Michael Kirkham

Michael Kirkham dabbles in many photography styles – from music and events, weddings, architecture and landscape and finally contemporary, nostalgic pieces. Urban Goals harks back to lost youth across the UK, highlighting the differences in social class through derelict parks and makeshift football goal posts.

Urban Goalposts | © Michael Kirkham Photography

Jazamin Sinclair

A master of fine art, film, illustration and of course photography, Jazamin Sinclair pulls every note of colour forward and takes every natural motion into account. Her musical photography contains an impressive repertoire, while every piece of portrait work is as unique as its subject.

Louis Kushner | © Jazamin.co.uk

Craig Easton

Formerly a newspaper photographer, Craig Easton has perfected both portrait and landscape photography. His minimalist lake images are stripped back to mere mirrored lines, with gusts of sand softening these lines in places and creating motion during this freeze in time.

The Lake | © Craig Easton

Anthony Lee

Minimalist, yet stylish. Anthony Lee’s blog The Alps combines slick men’s fashion with editorial photography, both intertwining to create images with personality. ‘Light’ is a kaleidoscope of neon, brought to life through long exposure, while ‘Architecture’ contains a strong sense of control over shadows and corners, breaking the everyday building down to abstract forms. As for the fashion, each look stands out through sharp colour and clever editing, including a floating subject.

Architecture | © Anthony Lee / thealpsblog.com

Tadhg Devlin

Tadhg Devlin is the brain behind the striking series ‘Life Beyond Diagnosis’ – working closely with the Merseyside-based dementia network. ‘Life Beyond Diagnosis’ attempts to break the stigma and highlight the daily struggles of those with the disease, featuring real sufferers in world of fragmented shapes and looming shadows that break apart before your eyes.

Courtesy of Tadhg Devlin | ©
Courtesy of Tadhg Devlin | ©

Stephanie Fawcett

A recent graduate, Stephanie Fawcett has created ‘My Life Changes When’, physically presenting the hidden physical and emotional struggles people face through a complex jigsaw of facial features. 120 images and 25 subjects make up this series, with each section a glimpse into each individual’s life, young and old, innocent or weathered.

My Life Changed When... | © Stephanie Fawcett

R Stowell Smith

This urban explorer has Merseyside in the palm of his hands, manipulating the city by enhancing both natural and unnatural light sources to create glowing urban photography – even if that means scaling Liverpool’s architecture to give his images an edge. Smith mainly showcases his work on Instagram – a great way to track his progress and follow him as he climbs the highest heights in Liverpool.

Cunard [1/3] #igersmersey #ig_liverpool #liverpool

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