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Wellie | © wonker/Flickr
Wellie | © wonker/Flickr
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10 Things to Pack for Glastonbury (and 5 to Leave at Home)

Picture of Louise Stapley
Updated: 2 May 2017

With just a few weeks to go until the biggest and best festival in the world (take that, Coachella), we’re bringing you a list of the 10 things you’ll be glad to have in your kit bag… and the five things you’ll wish you hadn’t bothered packing.

Things to pack…

Bin bags

Like, an entire roll. Not only are they really handy for using as a makeshift doormat for muddy wellies, but you’ll need them for your clean-up when you pack up at the end of the festival. The ‘green’ spirit is strong at Glastonbury and if you don’t bother cleaning up after yourself, you’ll be in the minority.

A head torch

It might make you feel a bit like a Dalek, but when you’re staggering home from Shangri-La at 4am you’ll need both hands free to yank your friends out of the mud and find your way around the toilet cubicles.

Flip flops or slip-on trainers

If the sun gods smile on Worthy Farm this year and the site isn’t a total mudbath, you’ll be glad to have some shoes that aren’t wellies for slipping on when the need to pee strikes you in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning.

Another portable charger

One is never enough. Glastonbury does to phone batteries what Donald Trump does to optimism.

Battery-powered fairy lights

Not only are they oh-so-glamping-chic, they give off a surprising amount of all-round light in your tent or around your campsite. Much easier than the one-directional glare from a torch.

A collapsible jerry can

The queue for the taps each morning is outrageous, and when you’re hanging hard and gasping for water, you’ll hate yourself for not having one of these. Pro-tip: Top it up every night before you go to bed, when there’s no queue, and wake up to hydrated smugness.

Suntan lotion

Yes, really! This is England, and if there is even a ten-minute burst of sunshine, we’re all going to get sunburned immediately.

A small, but carefully chosen, selection of medicines

This is in danger of becoming a listicle-within-a-listicle, but here’s a round-up of what not to forget:

1.  Painkillers
2.  Rehydration sachets. They’re the ultimate hangover cure.
3.  Gaviscon, for the inevitable acid reflux that strikes as a result of cheap cider and frozen margaritas.
4.  A pack of plasters – you never know when you might need one.

Duct tape

There’s not a Glastonbury gone by where someone hasn’t had need of this. Imagine this: the tent you borrowed off your friend has turned out to be ripped in three places, your wellies have split and you can’t keep the booze from falling off whatever wagon, trolley or bucket you’ve chosen to transport it in. Duct tape fixes all these things.

Foil survival blankets

This might sound like an incredibly dramatic addition to your kit list, but hear us out. Attaching them to the outside of your tent (see, the duct tape is already coming in handy) means you won’t have to wake up to find your tent has become a sauna in the morning sunshine.


… and five things not to bother packing

An air bed pump

While an inflatable mattress itself is worth double its weight in gold, they take a lot of time and energy to pump up. For a fiver, one of the many camping market stalls on the site will fill it for you in seconds.

Floral headwear

It’s so 2012… and always ends up caked in mud and dry shampoo.

Playsuits, jumpsuits and dungarees

Yeah, they looked killer with a pair of Hunters wellies on Alexa Chung’s Instagram, but they are not conducive for getting in and out of the toilets as quickly as possible to minimise the amount of funk you’re inhaling while you use the loo.

Anything glass

Perfume, skincare, booze – it’ll be taken off you on the way into the site. Eau de Glasto is your new fragrance (and it lingers long after you’ve left the festival).

A massive tent

They’re so, so heavy. Get one as small – and as light – as you can bear to sleep in.