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10 Street Artists You Should Roam The World For

10 Street Artists You Should Roam The World For

Picture of Samuel Spencer
Updated: 12 January 2017
Sometimes, the way that street art is reported would make you believe that it was only Banksy creating fascinating, funny and thought-provoking street art. However, as this list shows, artists from Asia to America are using graffiti for their own ends. Whether they are making political statements or simply brightening up towns, discover 10 street artists from around the world whose work you must see.

See No Evil

Rather than being the work of one individual artist, See No Evil is Bristol’s ambitious attempt at the world’s largest outdoor gallery, with over 30 mostly large-scale pieces decorating the otherwise dull Nelson Street. Although currently being heavily renovated, the street shows us how the best street art can turn the world into an art gallery with thrilling results. After all, it has gone from unremarkable road into the center of Bristol into a major tourist attraction, with people coming from all around the area to see pieces including everything from mural of superheroes to building-sized mother and child scenes.

Nelson Street, Bristol, UK