10 Emerging Contemporary Artists From Liverpool to Know

Vicky Dolan Fine Art | © Facebook
Vicky Dolan Fine Art | © Facebook
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Freelance Travel & Music Writer13 December 2017

Talented artists are hidden in every city, but Liverpool is different. This city has a breadth of artwork, from the minimal and abstract, to the stark and deeply detailed. Art can be encapsulated in all mediums, and this selection of Liverpool artists have perfected this craft amongst a wide range of pieces, canvas or otherwise.

Kate Chesters

The biting yet beautiful cold of Reykjavik and the swirling blues of Niagara Falls are key inspirations to Kate Chesters. Her abstract landscapes adorn more than walls as wooden boards, coasters, placemats and bowls are dipped in mesmerising blues, greys and greens, reminiscent of natural geodes.

Kate Chesters Art | © Facebook

Urban Glass Studio

Glasswork is timeless, multifunctional and, of course, beautiful. The painstaking craftsmanship that goes into each of Urban Glass Studio’s pieces is as clear as glass itself, and it’s a real honour to own a one of a kind item made with care by this Liverpool studio.

Alexandra Macupova

This student artist uses splashes of cool tones alongside free flowing gold paths and bold brush strokes in her minimalist paintings. Blushes of pink are splashed alongside deep meridian, delicate seafoam and blooming sunshine yellows in a sea of colourful contrasting elements.

Now thats what I call minimalism 😁💙💖

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Patrick O’Rourke

Specialising in the medium of charcoal, Patrick O’Rourke creates charismatic portraits and commissions. His work stretches past the paper and has adorned the walls of Manchester, Sydney and of course, Liverpool. O’Rourke captures the contours and shadows on the faces of his subjects perfectly by using the stark charcoal strokes against bold red backgrounds.

Patrick O'Rourke art | © Facebook

Andrea Mcshane

Born in Prague but based in Liverpool, Andrea creates handmade, bespoke wire jewellery that utilises the natural beauty of gemstones alongside vivid beadwork. These statement pieces of wearable art are sure to turn heads.

Andrew Maher

This new media artist explores abstract movement through photography, pop art and digital pieces. Maher’s photography pieces verge on surrealism as a kaleidoscope of city skylines twist and turn amongst each other, whilst his avant-garde pop art combine the classic Warhol style with modern, gritty portraits.

Vicky Dolan

Vicky Dolan’s works are a snippet in time, capturing the buzz of Liverpool city centre, the charisma of animals, or the serene stillness of natural landscapes. Using the classic art style of acrylic on canvas, or pen and watercolour, Dolan’s paintings shift and blur alongside their lucid subjects.

Vicky Dolan Fine Art | © Facebook

Carol Miller

Miller is a wonderful example of art coming alive. It’s clear to see nature is an inspiration as tree branches twist and knot like shoelaces, encapsulated by the simple, yet effective running of ink. In another piece, a lush green overgrowth flourishes alongside a calm ocean backdrop. The stillness of each piece is calming and mindful, a breath of fresh air in the city of Liverpool.

Carol Miller Art | © Facebook

Sophie Green

Despite being an illustrator, Sophie Green’s work moves off the paper and wanders the streets of Liverpool. Her work includes Books About Town, one of the installations of the Great Big Rhinos animal trail and even a design of Wenlock and Mandeville for the London 2012 Olympics. Green’s illustrations are alive with colour and charisma, and have become a staple part of Liverpool’s culture.

Dan Howden

An LJMU alumni, Dan Howden is a printmaker at heart. Howden has finessed the art of linocut, a once minimalist style that he transforms by using around 100 layers to create city scenes with their own story to tell. His subject’s architecture, usually Liverpool, London or Cape Cod, slot themselves into his scenes through jagged shapes and colour blocking – turning the cities he studies into a jigsaw he meticulously puts together.

Leeman Road, New York by Dan Howden | © Cargocollective

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